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Right now we are at Baikonur, watching the Proton-M rocket getting ready for the launch.

In a few days it'll bring a new module for ISS — Nauka — to the orbit.
Nauka ("Science" in Russian), also known as Multipurpose Laboratory Module, is a new module for the Russian segment of the ISS.
Today we've visited Baikonur Cosmodrom Site 31. The launch site for Soyuz rockets.

It was build in 1961, a bit renovated throughout the years and it still works!

The stars on the last photo depict the number of launches. 400+7.
The animation shows a ball dropping from 1 kilometer (0.6 miles) to the surface of each object, assuming no air resistance. You can compare, for example, that it takes 2.7 seconds for a ball to drop that distance on the Sun, while it takes 14.3 seconds Earth.
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Proton-M rocket launched into space with "Nauka" module for ISS on board.

Here's the recording of the live translation up to the animation.
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