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Do you want to start a scientific career in Germany?
Here are our English running research PhD positions on topics:

🧬Polymer chemistry,
🧬Drug Carrier
🧬Energy storage,
🧬Self-healing materials

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The Integrated Research Training Group of PolyTarget seeks to fill the position of a Doctoral Researcher (m/f/d). Apply before 30.11.2022
The Faculty of Chemistry and Earth Sciences seeks to fill the position of a Junior research group leader for the CZS-junior research group for “Polymers in Energy Applications”.

Full-time (40 hours per week) according to TV-L E 14 and is limited to 31.03.2029.

The call is an "open topic" call and includes the following possible research topics:

🟢Topic 1: AI as a platform for material development of polymer-based batteries

🟢Topic 2: Polymer materials based on sustainable resources for energy storage and conversion devices

🟢Topic 3: CO2 as a building block for new polymer materials in energy storage and conversion

🟢Topic 4: Novel sustainable encapsulation materials for the next generation of photovoltaics

Apply by 11.12.2022 to:

Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
Chemisch-Geowissenschaftliche Fakultät
Herr Prof. Dr. Ulrich S. Schubert
Philosophenweg 7a
07743 Jena

or by Email at:

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The “Center for the Transformation of Chemistry” (CTC), which in autumn 2022 was one of two winners of the competition “Knowledge creates perspectives for the region!” organised by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research of the Free State of Saxony and the State of Saxony-Anhalt, is now getting down to work in the city of Delitzsch, Saxony.

Chemistry Professor Ulrich S. Schubert of Friedrich Schiller University Jena has played a key role in this success, and in enabling the first steps now being taken by the new research centre. He sees the CTC as a new “centre of gravity” that will provide global impetus and will hugely benefit the science and business site that is “Central Germany” (Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia).

Read further about this big project and opportunities for you to become part of it in English or in German.
Chiral Onium Species for Asymmetric Organocatalysis

Over the last years our group had a major interest in asymmetric organocatalysis involving chiral onium species.

Hereby we have been focusing on two different approaches.

On the one hand we are using chiral quaternary ammonium salts as catalysts for the non-covalent activation and control of simple prochiral pronucleophiles.

We hereby investigate the development of novel chiral (bifunctional) catalysts as well as the
introduction of new synthesis methods using chiral ammonium salt catalysts (e.g. asymmetric b-amino acid syntheses).

On the other hand, we more recently also became interested in using chiral Lewis base catalysts for the stereoselective activation and control of allenoates for unprecedented
cyclization reactions via in situ formation of chiral onium species and in this talk I will give an overview about our recent efforts in both of these fields.

See you on a lecture tomorrow😊
Funding in the millions for german research network on RNA medicine🎉

Federal Ministry of Economics supports the university and a spin-off with 3.6 million euros.

🟩 Compared to RNA-based vaccines, new compositions of the drugs are needed to deliver the new medications to the disease site in a targeted manner. To do this, the RNA will be packaged in innovative solid-lipid nanoparticles with polymer excipients. The nanoparticles should stably encapsulate the RNA drugs and deliver them to specific organs that were previously difficult to reach, where they are released after cellular uptake. The goal is a tissue-specific effect. And finally, the special lipids should ideally be such that they can be completely degraded or excreted by the body after release of the RNA.

👉Here you can continue reading the article
Storing energy sustainably

The team led by Prof. Andrea Balducci of the University of Jena’s Institute of Technical and Environmental Chemistry is starting two projects this month as part of the EU programme “Novel materials for supercapacitor energy storage” and will receive funding totalling around 950,000 euros. The aim is to develop innovative supercapacitors that are not only more efficient than existing systems, but above all also more sustainable.
At the Center for Energy and Environmental Chemistry Jena (CEEC Jena) of the Faculty of Chemical and Geosciences of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, up to two half-time positions or one full time position as a

Research Associate to be filled on a full-time or part-time basis
(100% / 40 hours per week or 2 x 50% / 20 hours per week) for a fixed term until 30.06.2025

The cooperation project "PrintedPVCheck" deals with the development of automated processes for the investigation of the aging of innovative thin-film solar cells. In addition to FSU Jena, well-known research institutes (Helmholtz Institute Erlangen-Nuremberg for Renewable Energies - HIERN) as well as innovative and young companies in the field of measurement technology, hardware and software development (Automatic Research GmbH, Quadraton GmbH, IELAB Nürnberg GmbH) are involved in this project. In the project, FSU Jena takes on the task of systematically recording degradation factors and their effect on the photovoltaic parameters of novel and printable thin-film solar cells. Thin film solar cells investigated in the project are mainly organic solar cells as well as so-called perovskite solar cells. The research and development work can therefore be located in the field of photovoltaic materials research.

Your tasks:

Literature Researches for the acquisition of degradation influences, phenomena and effects
Literature researches for the acquisition of degradation processes and aging dynamics
Preparation of solar cells, as well as their investigation and automated aging
Data evaluation of aging curves from own experiments and from literature
Logical interconnection of all parameters and development of automated evaluations
Support of the project partners with regard to the user-friendliness of the software development

Your profile:

Completed scientific or engineering university studies
Willingness to work independently and lively, proactive exchange with cooperation partners
Comprehensive documentation of research as well as appealing presentation of research content
Analytical skills and problem-solving oriented work - especially on a technical level

Our offer:

The possibility to write a doctoral thesis optionally within the project framework 
An exciting interdisciplinary field of activity with creative freedom and flexible working hours
Remuneration according to the provisions of the collective agreement for the public service of the Länder (TV-L) in accordance with the personal requirements according to pay group 13, including a special annual payment according to the collective agreement
Participation in diverse experimental and theoretical research with a strong interdisciplinary character
Graduate academy for PhD students and postdocs
A family-friendly working environment with a variety of offers for families: university family office (JUniFamilie) and flexible childcare (JUniKinder)
University health promotion and a wide range of university sports activities
Fringe benefits such as capital-forming benefits (VL), job ticket and company pension scheme (VBL)
30 days of vacation per calendar year plus two days off on December 24 and 31.

This is either one full-time position (40 hours per week) or two part-time positions of 50% (20 hours per week).

Severely disabled persons will be given preferential consideration in the event of equal suitability, ability and professional qualification.

Have we aroused your interest? Then please send your detailed written application, preferably by e-mail (one PDF file), quoting registration number 057/2023 by 23.02.2023 to:


or alternatively via mail to

Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
Center for Energy and Environmental Chemistry Jena (CEEC Jena)

Dr. Harald Hoppe
Philosophenweg 7a
07743 Jena

We ask that you only submit copies of your documents, as these will be properly destroyed after the application process has been completed.

Click here to read the job description in German.

We are looking forward for your applications!
Dear Dr. Rohland, we sincerely congratulate you on successful deference of the dissertation “Aqueous Organic Redox-Flow-Batteries: From Electrolyte Development to Detailed Stability
Studies”. 🥳🎓🎉
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