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THENOBLEQURAN.COM: An Explanatory Translation of Sūrah al-Aḥqāf (46) PDF (21 pages): Purpose of Creation, Authorship of this Qurʾān, Righteous and Rebellious Offspring, the Lie of Shirk, Jewish Jinn and the Qurʾān and more. Download here:

Muḥammad Munīr is a misguided individual who misguides others and is driven by his narcissism to market himself as a full blown, independent scholar and muftī who does not make taqlīd and is not in need of any contemporary scholars. He draws people to himself by self-promotion and away from the way of the Salaf and from the Scholars upon the way of the Salaf...

See how he belittles the Salaf and dismisses their way as something foreign and exotic that does not exist.

A Detailed Refutation of the Misguided Innovator and Corrupter of the Creed of the Muslims and Enemy to the People of the Sunnah, Muhammad Hijab (PDF, 76 pages)
👆Principles Regarding "Infectious Disease" (Adwaa). Part 1.
👆Shaykh al-Fawzan on Tribulations Facing the Muslims and the World.
👆Ibn al-Qayyim on Tawhid, the Ways and Means, Fear and Reliance in Relation to Contagion