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Freedom starts with birth! Join us to learn how you can preserve freedom for you and your family.

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🌎 Women Around the World Breastfeeding 🌍

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🌿🤱Please bookmark this resource for newly breastfeeding moms! 🤱🌿

I hear so often of women struggling to get their milk supply in/up, and this is an area where herbs shine. I always recommend increasing galactagogue foods (like oats!) and herbs. Some of these herbs can even be taken during pregnancy to help bolster milk supply even before the birth!

Herbs are so easy and gentle to incorporate into the diet and routine of, and can be such allies to, newly postpartum mamas 🥰
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Welcome and thank you for joining the official Sacred Birth Symposium telegram channel! We have had a lot of new subscribers join the channel and wanted to reintroduce ourselves.

About this channel:
This is our uncensored channel where we share our upcoming events, inspired writings, and valuable resources related to conception, pregnancy, birth, parenting, and holistic health.

About us:
We are a mother and father who were so immensely inspired by the home birth of our baby girl that we co-created Sacred Birth Symposium. The intention for the event which took place in 2023 was to equip women with knowledge, tools, and community so they may reclaim their birth experience. To this day, we continue to use Sacred Birth Symposium as our platform to provide tools & resources to parents and to help humanity awaken to the spiritual aspect of childbearing & parenting. We strive to honor our ancestors as much as possible in our modern world through the childbearing process.

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💞 Motherhood is a Divine Gift 💞

As Mother’s Day approaches, I am sitting here reflecting on the birth of my daughter almost 2 years ago - my own initiation into Motherhood and the inspiration behind Sacred Birth Symposium. Our sweet girl incarnated into this life on a mission, right off the bat.

With her birth, my husband and I were gifted the most divine transformation welcoming us into parenthood and igniting our souls with a passion to be champions for home birth, awaken humanity to the spiritual nature of birth, and educate women of their options so they may have empowered birth & motherhood experiences.

In honor of all of the Mothers and the sacred work they do, we are offering $50 off our Comprehensive Home Birth Guide, the virtual bundle of our Sacred Birth Symposium event!

This package contains a wealth of knowledge spanning from fertility to postpartum - talks curated just for SBS that you won’t find anywhere else!

Use code MOTHER50 to receive your discount. Sale ends Sunday!
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Dear first-time pregnant mamas,

You are the vessel for new life. What a gift!

You are already a mama to the precious babe growing inside of your womb.

Today and every day, we honor you.

Happy first Mother’s Day! 💝
Pregnancy is a beautiful season in a woman's life - full of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation.

It can also be a very vulnerable time where many uncertainties, fears, doubts, and traumas from the past may surface.

I am offering a limited number of 1:1 Pregnancy & Birth Guidance sessions at a discounted rate - only $88 for one hour with me (virtually) to spend addressing your fears, concerns, and questions in preparation for your upcoming birth.

Your partner is welcome to join for some or all of the session if you desire. It is extremely beneficial to address the concerns of your partner in preparation for your birth, so you are both on the same page and so he can support you in the way(s) you need most during this pinnacle of your life.

The support of another like-minded mama is so valuable on your motherhood journey. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Book your session by 5/12/2024, 11:59 PM (CST) to claim your discount!
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Being a mother fulfills our purpose not only as women, but also our soul purpose. Our children help us to grow and become better women.

Plus, they are basically built in best friends! Every day is Mother’s Day when your heart is constantly expanding and filled with so much love and gratitude for being a mother!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the beautiful mamas out there doing the best work of conscious parenting!

Any other moms out there consider their child(ren) their best friend?
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A Leg Up

Deck: Wisdom of the Oracle by @colettebaron_reid

Enjoy the reading 💖 & comment below if you intuited a message from this reading that you’d like to share!

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@sacredbirthsymposium 🪷
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Here’s why I don’t share images or video of my child on social media/the internet.

A topic that isn’t given nearly enough discussion, in my opinion. All 10 of these reasons carry equal weight for me!

Reminder: This is not a judgement of anyone else’s choice. I am simply sharing my knowledge and choice to help inform other parents who may share the same concern, feel alone in their choice, are curious, or may be open to choosing a new way!

[Find more details in comments on the original post]

What are your thoughts on this matter? Please share in the comments below! Let’s get some discussion going.
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Depending on where you live, the sun is likely out in full force now (it certainly is where I am)!

‼️ Conventional sunscreen contains many harmful, chemical ingredients (some even known to cause cancer - the irony 🤦🏻‍♀) that I would never want to put on my child's skin!

‼️ Even "organic" or "clean" sunscreens which contain zinc oxide actually block the beneficial UVA rays that our body absorbs/needs in order to create vitamin D -- not ideal!

Here are the ways in which I personally implement 💯% ALL NATURAL sun protection for me and my family:

☀️ incremental sun exposure to build a base tan and avoid burns
☀️ light clothing and hats during the sun's peak strength
☀️ Earthley Sun Shield - made with organic oils and butters that inherently have SPF in them (& NO zinc oxide!)
☀️ Organic Raspberry Seed Oil - SPF 25-50

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Hi friends!

If you’re in need of natural sun and bug protection, my favorite brand Earthley is having an awesome deal - 40% off their Sun Shield, Sun Soothe, and Pest Aside bundled together. It ends Memorial Day, 5/27, so now is your chance to grab your Summer Essentials bundle!

See my forwarded post above for more details on why I love Earthley’s Sun Shield as a safer, cleaner, and more natural alternative to sunscreen. 🌞