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🎉 We are proud to announce that Runa led a $10M Series A-1 round together with Andreessen Horowitz for AnyRoad.

Anyroad is the leading Experience Relationship Management (ERM) platform enabling global brands to properly measure, scale, and implement their experiential marketing campaigns.
We are excited to announce our investment in TON Labs together with RTP Global! 🚀

TON Labs is the core-developer of the Free TON blockchain which is recognized as the fastest decentralized protocol existing nowadays.

The project was originally launched in May 2020 as an infrastructure solutions provider for the Telegram Open Network.

When a New York federal court put an injunction on the Telegram team, preventing further development of the network, Free TON emerged as an independent project that finalized the initial Telegram code and built the TON Operating System.
Quantum Technologies - is it a Hype or the New Reality for Investors?

This Wednesday (April 14th) at 8:35 am EST, our Senior Associate Maria Lepskaya will give you a detailed overview on this topic at Quantum.Tech Conference.
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We are happy to release the update for Runa Open Source Startup (ROSS) Index.

🏆 Here is the TOP-10 fastest-growing open-source startups by Github in Q1:
1. DoltHub
3. Penpot
4. Athens Research
5. Infracost
6. Appwrite
7. Appsmith
8. Papercups
9. Parity Technologies
10. Dendron
💰We are proud to announce that our portfolio company n8n has raised $12M in a Series A round led by Felicis Ventures together with Sequoia Capital, Firstminute Capital and Harpoon Ventures.

The company provides low-code tools to help automate the process of apps working together.
🦄 We are excited to announce that cybersecurity unicorn Acronis, our friendly company founded by Runa’s senior partners, raises $250M.

The investment round was led by CVC Capital Partners who valued Acronis at over $2.5B. The company plans to use this money for further organic growth and acquisitions.

Congrats, Acronis!
🔬 We are delighted to announce that Runa led a $4.4M Series A round for a Switzerland-based quantum startup Qnami together with SIT Capital and Qnami’s previous investors Quantonation, Verve Ventures, ZKB Start-up Finance, and the High Tech Gründerfond.

Qnami launced its first commercial magnetometer ProteusQ in 2019 to provide an innovative platform for analyzing magnitec materials at the nanoscale.
💰 Great news for those who like Fintech!

This Thursday, the most promising Fintech startups from the Baltics, Nodrics and CEE will be taking part in the Fintech track of TechChill 2021, the leading tech event in this region.

Our Senior Associate Konstantin Gnyp will be one of the juries.

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🔗 We are very excited to announce that 1confirmation, a crypto-focused venture capital firm backed by Runa closed a new $125M fund.

Nick Tomaino, the founder of 1confirmation fund is a former Principal at Runa. Our fund has been supporting 1confirmation as an investor from its very inception.

Good luck, Nick!
Our Principal Konstantin Vinogradov had a chat with ZDNet about the most promising open-source startups in Q2 2021 from Runa Open Source Startup (ROSS) Index and our approach to investments in open source.

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👾 We are excited to announce the recent Series A round of SuperAnnotate, a computer vision startup from our portfolio.

The $14.5M round was led by Base10 Partners with participation from exising investors Runa Capital, Point Nine Capital and Fathom Capital.
🚀 We are happy to announce our 3rd quantum investment this year - Dutch startup Qu&Co, providing quantum software for chemistry, multiphysics and finance.

The round was led by Quantonation with Runa Capital and SPInvest as co-investors.
🇨🇳 Our analyst Denis Kalinin, who's responsible for Asia Business Development, made research for TechCrunch on cross-border VC investments from China.

If you want to raise money from Chinese funds, we recommend you to check this article first for some valuable insights.
Our Fintech portfolio is getting stronger! 💪

Runa’s porfolio company Lendio, leading financial solutions marketplace in the US, acquired Laso's Loan Origination Software (LOS) and proprietary insights technology.

Laso's capabilities in artificial intelligence, data science and machine learning will allow Lendio to further expand its coverage to SMEs nationwide.
🎉 We are proud to announce that Runa led a $10M Series A round for OfficeRnd with Flashpoint VC and LAUNCHub Ventures participating in the round.

OfficeRnD provides software which helps flex space operators, landlords, property management companies and workplace teams manage their workspaces.
Runa Capital statement on war in Ukraine

Global investors tend to stay away from politics, but we must break our silence and speak out.

All war is evil, and Runa firmly stands for peace. This war is devastating and unjust. We feel tremendous sorrow and pain for Ukraine and all the people affected by this tragedy. As for the Russian-born part of our team, we are ashamed, deplore the aggression, and believe this war is catastrophic for both the Ukrainian and Russian people and all those who are impacted across the globe.

At Runa, we have been taking the time to make sure our team is safe. All our partners and investment team members are safe and currently based outside the countries involved in the conflict. Our portfolio is concentrated in the United States and the European Union, so our exposure to the affected region is minimal. We all are actively helping the few portfolio companies affected by the crisis ensure the safety of their employees and maintain operations.

As an international venture firm, we have always carefully chosen our limited partners. None of them is affiliated with sanctioned entities, so there are no threats to the fund, our LPs or our portfolio companies. Runa Capital continues to operate as usual and invest in new companies.

We hope that peace will return soon to Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.
We are pleased to release the latest issue of the ROSS index — the top-20 fastest-growing open-source companies in Q1 2022.

🏆 Here is the TOP-10:
1️⃣ Builder
2️⃣ ToolJet
3️⃣ Netmaker
4️⃣ SuperTokens
5️⃣ Safing
6️⃣ Medusa
7️⃣ Amplication
8️⃣ Charm
9️⃣ Fig
🔟 GrowthBook
We’ve launched three open-source indexes – databases, headless CMSs, and static site generators, which will be updated daily and based on the most important metrics for open-source projects – contributors.

You can learn more about our thought process in the blog post.

And you can see all these indexes on our website.