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Are Oracles as enlightened as the legend makes them out to be, or is the mystery hiding something ugly underneath?

Don't forget to check out our article as we take on Crypto Oracles!
Want to find out the best yield farms and other tokens/coins before anyone else? Then this video is for you!

Let's dive into some of the resources you can use to find the newest and greatest yield farms!
RugDoc team has discovered a bug with Singular Duo farm (AVAX) that will require them to redeploy.

The bug causes loss of funds when emergency withdraw is called.

Do not call emergency withdraw.

Normal withdrawals using the site ( work fine and should be used as they are redeploying.
What kind of content do YOU want us to create? Yield farming tutorials, degen plays, specific project recommendations, different chains, fun videos, etc.?

Leave a (quick!) suggestion and fill out our Google Form!
🚨The Optics XYZ bridge has been compromised. multisig wallet ownership is transfered, team doesnt know who transfered it or who controls the new multisig. Timelock is set to 1s.
Swap your Optics ETH/BTC etc ASAP if you have any and do NOT use optics bridge!

If you need to bridge funds to and from Celo please use Anyswap network or turn your tokens to Celo and transfer them directly to your Binance/KuCoin exchange wallets.

Again, do NOT use Optics Bridge until team redeploys and takes ownership of their contracts!!

There is currently ~$60m in the optics contracts

Team is discussing the issue here

If you have any optics tokens, swap them out for a non optics token (eg CELO) and do NOT use optics bridge
πŸ”« We've got a locked n' loaded announcement for you! πŸ”«

You'll now notice the text " Liquidity Lock" when a project has locked their liquidity using RugDoc's Liquidity Locking Service.

To find it, visit your favorite EVM-compatible project with their liquidity locked by RugDoc. Scan sites you might be able to see the new feature include:

- And more!

🍻. We're one step closer to making DeFi safer! 🍻
DApps, Explained (1).png
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DApps (decentralized applications) are the future of crypto and are an important part of the decentralized aspect of many projects such as Uniswap and Aave.

But how exactly do they work? And what are the risks and benefits? Stay tuned in this video!
Our Twitter account has been suspended and there are fake accounts impersonating RugDoc.IO. Please report those accounts while we try to get our account back.

βš οΈβ›”οΈ Please help us to report this account thank you! βš οΈβ›”οΈ

Note: Our real handle is @rugdocio which is currently suspended, please support us by reporting that account as fraudulent and using @rugdocio as the real one.
Besides Telegram, what is your favorite source for crypto news?
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Yesterday our twitter account was suspended after an impersonator impersonated us and then reported us for impersonating them πŸ˜‚

While we appeal our suspension, we need a new Twitter account-what should our new Twitter name be??
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Something else
🀝Thank you for helping pick a Twitter account name while we appeal our suspension!


πŸ“£We lost our account at 38k followers so please follow us, like us, and retweet us to spread the word and stay up to date on rug alerts, tools, and tutorials!
Ever since Cryptopunks started the NFT trend, the Internet went a little crazy for it. And before we even know it, NFTs have become not only a way to spend your free timeβ€” but to actually earn money! Let's learn about NFTs in this video guide!
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πŸŽ‰ Whitelist and NFT Giveaway for the RugDoc Community:

βœ… 10x Bluprint NFT Giveaway
βœ… 300x whitelist spots up for grabs!
βœ… Max supply of 8888 Bluprints


1) Follow RugDoc's Twitter and Bluprint's Twitter
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🚨🚨Borealis Finance is soft rugging!

The MasterChef owner created a new pool (id 20) with high allocation point and new token they are farming alone and dumping.

Token has the same name as the old token $BOREA but different contract address

TVL very low so he may not even get the gas fees back smh 🚨🚨
Code Cat's back, and this time he meets an unexpected person at the subway.

With a chance to win a Bitcoin grand prize, what will Code Cat do? Find out in this exciting new chapter of The Adventures of Code Cat!
It's celebration time! πŸ₯‚

RugDoc has now reviewed a total of 2156 projects as of December 1st, 2021. We are committed to providing YOU the best place to learn about different projects in the DeFi space! πŸ₯³

Let’s rock n’ roll as we roll out for a new year! 😎
Have you been diving into Arbitrum recently? You might even be wondering... "What the heck is Arbitrum in the first place?"

In this new episode, I'm going to take a random look at some of the Arbitrum farms available!