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Google Maps are directing people OFF A CLIFF and on “POTENTIALLY FATAL” routes up UK’s tallest mountain (Report)

A Scottish mountaineering charity has criticised Google Maps - claiming the routes recommended by the app for Ben Nevis are ‘incredibly dangerous and potentially deadly,’ even for “experienced climbers.” (The Press Association)

The John Muir Trust, which looks after the upper reaches of Ben Nevis said attempts to contact the tech giant have been met with silence.

The group also claims that a separate route suggested for the An Teallach mountain takes users DIRECTLY over a cliff.

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China's FIRST MONKEY B human infection DEATH, rare virus has 80% fatality rate if untreated!

A Beijing vet has died from the rare Herpes B virus, also known as Monkey B, having suffered nausea, vomiting and fever for more than a month after dissecting a monkey’s corpse for research.

The virus is passed on via bodily fluids through scratches, bites or dissections, and has been found in rhesus monkeys that are multiplying rapidly in Florida - although there have been fewer than 100 reported cases in humans since the first in 1932.

Two leading Chinese researches claim it might “pose a potential zoonotic threat to occupational workers,” but is unlikely to mutate in a way that would spread rapidly among humans.

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Car PLOWS into crowd of people at terrace bar in Marbella - early reports indicate 5 injured (Associated Press) - GRAPHIC VIDEO

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⚡️10 people are DEAD after a roadside bomb exploded in a marketplace in the Sadr City area in Baghdad, Iraq, according to security officials, with at least 20 others wounded. (Associated Press)

The incident took place a day before the Eid al-Adha holiday when the market was busy with shoppers.

It is the third explosion in the area in the last three months, after previous blasts killed at least four and injured 17 (April) and injured at least 15 a fortnight ago.

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⚡️FULL vaccination required for entry to nightclubs and other large-crowd venues in England from the end of September - negative tests will not be enough.

The price of freedom day?

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Danish cartoonist whose Prophet Mohammed CARICATURE sparked outrage DIES

Kurt Westergaard triggered fury around the Muslim world after drawing the Prophet Mohammed in a series of cartoons in 2005 – Islam forbids the depiction of Mohammed.

His ‘The Face of Mohammed’ cartoons went almost unnoticed when published by Jyllands-Posten but after 2 weeks a demo was held in Copenhagen - followed by ambassadors from Muslim countries in Denmark lodging a protest.

Subsequently, in 2006 violence escalated across several Muslim countries including attacks on Danish embassies.

During the last years of his life, Westergaard had to live under police protection at a secret address. In early 2010, Danish police caught a Somali man armed with a knife at his home, where he was planning to kill him.

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Media is too big
[UPDATE] Last week President Biden said Facebook was killing people with misinformation... Now Joe claims FB isn't, but 12 people online are at it.

Was anything else just for reaction, Mr. President?

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[Update] At least 18 DEAD after roadside bomb explodes in Iraqi market (Graphic, unverified video):

Security officials in Iraq have reported the death toll in the Sadr City area of Baghdad has risen to 18, with dozens of people wounded.

The incident took place a day before the Eid al-Adha holiday, when the market was busy with shoppers. It's the third explosion in the area in the last three months, after previous blasts killed at least four and injured 17 (April) and injured at least 15 a fortnight ago.

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“STORY OF THE YEAR” - Pegasus Israeli spyware scandal sends SHOCKWAVES around the world

The revelation that thousands of journalists, activists and politicians were SNOOPED ON by governments who misused the military-grade Pegasus spy software has been met with universal OUTRAGE.

Edward Snowden labeled the leak the “story of the year” and called for a “comprehensive moratorium” on sales of phone-hacking tools and added NSO “should bear direct, criminal liability for the deaths and detentions of those targeted by the digital infection vectors it sells, which have no legitimate use.”

Shalev Hulio, NSO’s CEO called the accusations “disturbing” and vowed to terminate the contracts of clients in cases it had been misused - the software is designed to be used ONLY against criminals and terrorists.

The spyware has the potential to turn smartphones into 24-hour surveillance devices – able to record calls, copy and send messages or even film people via their phone camera.

2 MORE Texas Dems Test POSITIVE After DC Protest Against Voting Rights Bill!

FIVE of the Texas House Democrats who left the state for Washington DC to boycott the vote on an elections integrity bill have now tested positive for COVID-19. One of the passengers had an apparent ‘revelation’ when they were all snapped grinning on their private jet.

The infected members are reportedly isolating and are currently being monitored by the health authorities.

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❗️First US Capitol rioter CHARGED with felony gets eight months jail!

A Florida man who was charged with breaching the Senate chamber during the January 6th US Capitol riot, has been sentenced to eight months in prison.

Paul Allard Hodgkins is the first person to be charged with sentenced over 6 Jan charges.

The 38-year-old was not accused of assaulting officers or damaging property during the riot, with prosecutors admitting he took responsibility for his actions and pleaded guilty to obstruction.

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China threatens NUCLEAR WAR if Japan interferes with Taiwan?

A video reportedly posted by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials claims Beijing will NUKE Japan “even if they send one soldier” when China “liberates” Taiwan.

“If Japan dares intervene by force… we will not only return fire, but also start a full-scale war against Japan… We will continue to use nuclear bombs until Japan offers its second unconditional surrender.”

“As soon as Japan recognizes that it cannot afford to pay the price of war, it will not dare send troops to the Taiwan Strait.”

Japanese Defense Minister Yasuhide Nakayama voiced concerns last month over a possible China/Russia attacks in the Pacific, while PM Taro Aso insists Japan will defend Taiwan if China invades.

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Trump’s BIGGEST regret? NOT sending the military to quash BLM protests!

“If I had to do it again, I would have brought in the military immediately,” the former president told Washington Post reporters regarding the BLM protests back in March (according to an excerpt from their new book).

They write, "Trump rarely has expressed misgivings. But he regrets his response to protests last summer in Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle and other cities.”

In June 2020, Trump threatened to deploy US troops if states did not call upon the National Guard to deal with BLM protests in the wake of George Floyd's death. But he fell short of actually deploying military forces.

Is hindsight or foresight the victim here?

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WATER shortage protests in Iran continue for FOUR nights now amid record drought!

At least one person has reportedly DIED during protests in Iran’s oil rich Khuzestan province - as about 100 cities suffer severe drinking water shortages amidst south-west Iran’s reported WORST drought in 50yrs.

The country has been also suffering in the last fortnight from widespread electricity blackouts, blamed on the heat.

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First Biden-era Guantanamo prisoner released - after 19 YEARS without any charges!

Moroccan national Abdul Latif Nasir has become the first prisoner to be released from Guantanamo Bay under the Biden administration after being locked up for nearly two decades - despite never being prosecuted.

In late 2001 Nasir was captured in Afghanistan by US forces for “jihad” and “terrorist training”, and although Barack Obama had agreed to his release in 2016, the arrangements weren’t finalised before Trump succeeded him in office and cancelled the move.

According to the Pentagon there are now only 39 prisoners remaining in the facility - which Obama had promised in 2008 to shut down within a year - with the UN continuing accusations of torture to prisoners.

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Yemen OIL SPILL causes “extensive” environmental damage!

A ship in “dilapidated” condition that sank off the southern coast of Yemen on Sunday has caused serious damage to the coastline and marine environment.

Video has emerged apparently showing the impact of the spill on beaches around the port city of Aden, while some citizens have reportedly seen their power supply cut off.

Several kilometers of shoreline have been covered in tar and diesel, leaving Transport Minister Abdel Salam Hamid to summon the ship’s owners for investigation.

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Kazakhstan Bitcoin BOOM after China’s crypto crackdown

Kazakhstan has seen a huge surge in coal-based Crypto mining after about 90% of China’s bitcoin mining capacity was shut down as of last month.

The central Asian country saw its global share in bitcoin mining jump from 1.4% in September 2019 to 8.2% in April 2021, catapulting it into third place in the worldwide mining power share.

Kazakhstan runs almost entirely on non-renewable energy sources, and last month announced plans to levy a surcharge on crypto mining energy supplies that are expected to come into force early next year.

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