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In case you need to role play an engineer: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turboencabulator
A book about how aliens and alien worlds could look like:
Constructor of random generators and a huge collection of existing ones:
There is no sorting or convenient search, so it's hard to find good ones. But there are good ones. Their subreddit has some links:
A nice constructor of the character appearance, with pixel art items:
Also, character sheet manager for DnD 5e. The free version art is very limited, though, and premium is a little expensive. However, it still can be a good inventory manager.
An interesting free PnP board game:
Speaking of PnP, I print a lot of games. I think the best PnP you can legally download is Love Letter. Just a few cards and a very interesting and simple game. Well, the official download requires registration but you can find it somewhere else. Or download a redesign from BGG.
Ro is a constructed language to make it easy to construct and understand new words.

Just have a look at the dictionary:
A video about making different interesting voices for your DnD characters:
Basically, it covers what parameters each voice may have and how to mix it.
Kevin Crawford, the author of Stars Without Number, published very good rules for cybernetic implants:

Cybernetics were one of a few things I felt should be better, and now they are perfect. The only things left that I house rule on top of SWN are:
1. Space battles in mechanics of FTL to be more strategic.
2. Hacking in mechanics of Cyberpunk Red to be more like a funhouse dungeon.
The Traveller RPG has an (in)famous system for generating (rolling for) random backstory events that formed your character. Players either love or hate it. Love because it's a great framework for building an interesting and alive character with a detailed enough backstory. And hate because that's the (only?) system that can leave you character without a limb or even dead before the game even started.

I just learned that Kevin Crawford published a similar "lifepath characters" framework for SWN:
BoardGameGeek isn't quite good for managing and sharing your collection of games. I found something with a bit better UI and filters:

Here is my collection, for example:

Still not perfect, though. Would be great to add notes, like in BGG.
Some links related to the Sherlock Holmes board game. Quite useful for playing online.

+ Audio version of intros for each case: https://www.spacecowboys.fr/the-thames-murders
+ Directory, map, and Case 3: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1LfejFl6kqaEPZ3VIyZLczjRtowYcB8Xu
+ PDF for old cases: https://wren08.wordpress.com/other-projects/sherlock-holmes-consulting-detective-game/
Non-transitive dice:

I wonder if that can build a 4x game on top of it, that makes an interesting probabilistic rock-paper-scissors mechanic. Try making such dice and use them for resolving battles to spice up your next Diplomacy game.