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Forwarded from The Reality Report (Vinnie Sullivan)
Recap 101
Forwarded from The Reality Report (ΑΛ_Σ_[R.Ο.Ε] [Narrator & Marxist Sniffing Bloodhound])
Forwarded from The Daily Lama
Are you all brain dead?
"Conspiracy Theory"
Forwarded from Tara Duncan
For anyone who missed last night's call:

Please be advised the Laniakea Supercluster Economic Forum has been created to combat financial misinformation everywhere. Massive in scope, but still unassuming when compared to the universe at large, it seriously trumps any credibility your average world organization has to offer.

The LSEF is there to combat people's abnormal predisposition to obtain their news and financial information from seriously dodgy internet sources with imposing-sounding names. While impressive in scope and accuracy, we have recently come to realize the economic stylings of two guys, uninspiringly referred to as Scott and Chris, lack the grandiose, polysyllabic artifice that makes people sit up and take notice.

The reviews are in, and the name change is really impressing just about everyone:

"This is huge. Really freaking huge!" exclaimed the Word Economic Forum.

"The birth of the LSEF has been heralded as an economic tour de force," said no one ever.

"The night is darkest just before the dawn. And I promise you, the dawn is coming..." -Batman

Renowned polymath and economic pundit, Scott Duncan, was quoted as saying,

"Laniakea Supercluster Economic Form. MUCH bigger than the insignificant, puny "World" Economic Forum."

So, if you're wondering what financial news is worth hearing, heeding, nay repeating...

Fear not! The Laniakea Supercluster Economic Forum has your back.
You kids only remember this recently collapsing. You know why nobody cares about it? We've confirmed the existence of the Higgs Boson; There's no fucking aliens.
Forwarded from Librehash Research
Proof of Work Must Reconcile with Environmental Concerns

This is something that is outright unavoidable.

Fortunately, the concept of 'Proof of Work' is not just relegated to mining data (not sure why this is the only credible implementation that someone has come up with to date).

There is an alternative repo published by Maidsafe that gauges Proof of Work by factoring whether a certain amount of data has been computed first (impossible for the server receiving the challenge to have provided the correct 'answer' without processing all of the data) ; there are bonuses given to nodes that are able to process the information faster.

*URL* =

Repo is defined as, "A proof of bandwidth, cpu and storage for nodes in a decentralized network"

Specifically, the README states:

"This work requirement forces joining nodes to perform some calculation and data transfer. The expected use case is to require the work is done and data transferred within a time duration. It is possible to supply two proofs, one to focus on a large amount of work (difficulty) and another to focus on a bandwidth requirement (size). These are combined in the API but do not necessarily need to be used as a single proof, unless this requirement can be calculated."

Written in Rust

This is a grown-up mature package here. Rust is preferred due to its memory-safety assurances (thread safe language; less room to fuck up & stack smash vs. C [oh God]).

I'm not a professional programmer, I'll stick with Rust for the time being (robust community as well).

Blake3 would be swapped out as the hash algorithm (vs. Keccak which this library uses)
Right in the nostalgia feels
Forwarded from Librehash Research
- "Using Bitcoin won't be a choice in the longer term."

- "The world is repricing into Bitcoin and this will be a huge wealth transfer in favour of Bitcoin holders, so get ahead of it and learn now."

This is such a poor representation of Bitcoin that anyone that's actually a proponent of the currency should be grossly offended that they must be represented with idiotic bullshit like this
Forwarded from Librehash Research
To that last point - Microsoft OS (Windows) does log keystrokes and sends it back to Microsoft in the form of telemetry.

This is a default setting on Windows OS that must be turned off manually/

However, it was discovered that with Windows 10, they still send your data even when you do turn these settings off -

^^ That article includes a statement from a Microsoft rep confirming that; they claimed there was a "naming collision" and that the data referred to as "Activity History" in the privacy panels does not fully encompass all of the data included in 'Activity History' overall.

If that sounds confusing & like bullshit then...your values may not align with those of Microsoft and much of big tech in general.

But that's a different story - if you want to know more about how to protect yourself, then you should join some of our Telegram channels (will announce those soon because this will be a great treat for everyone here).