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You asked for it, we delivered!

All the team is so excited to announce that $ROCKS tokens are now available on BSC & PancakeSwap!
In order to optimize the trading experience of our community (particularly related to ETH transaction fees), we have decided to open a trading pool on PancakeSwap.

You can now switch from the Ethereum blockchain to the Binance Smart Chain (and vice versa) with one click via the following address:

$ROCKS tokens are now available to be traded on PancakeSwap at the following address:

The live $ROCKS exchange rates on BSC are available at the following address:
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If not, we really encourage you to join, as Discord is now our primary communication channel.

Our community deserves the best to grow as much as possible in the best conditions, and we’re doing our best to create an inclusive, friendly and supporting environment for everyone.

Discord serves the purpose perfectly: we have set multiple channels (for community discussions, bug reporting, feature proposals, sharing memes, and more), faster support and moderation, enhanced security ...

We can't wait to see you there, you’ll make a bunch of new friends and get a warm welcome
Hello everyone, as you know we are in the starting blocks to release the Beta version of the platform this week, including the tips feature! 🚀

We are currently awaiting the final validation of the smart contract audit taking more time than expected, everything else is ready on our side.

In the meantime, we have just released additional parts of the Beta version, including many graphic improvements and technical optimizations! (

As soon as the smart contract audit is validated, we will release the new build immediately, including the Tips feature! Then, we will finally be able to begin marketing the platform!

Thank you for your patience, hold on!
DEV UPDATE 12–06.2021
- You can now send and receive tips (in $ROCKS tokens) on the platform
- You can now buy $ROCKS on PancakeSwap from the platform
- You now receive notifications when someone send you a tip
- You can now consult your earrings statistics by week / month on a dedicated section of your profile
- The footer has been redesigned, now with social links
- The Settings page has been improved, with a security pop-up showing up in case you forget to save your modification
- Placeholders have been added for profile pictures and banners pictures
- All informations on the platform are now updated live
- Notifications are now received instantly with no need to refresh the page
- « Top content » sections on the Homepage as well as on the users profiles has been fixed
- The cache management has been improved
- The network calls have been improved
- The backend speed & infrastructure has been improved
- Many minor design optimizations have been implemented
- Many minor technical optimizations have been implemented
Here's a preview of the new messaging system that will be integrated in the beta very soon! 📫
Prepare your forks and spades! Stacking is coming very soon. 👨‍🌾
Chat has been added to the beta version of the app. ✉️
You can now start conversations with other users using the envelope button on their profile page.
It's pretty basic at the moment but more features will be added in the future. 👨‍💻
Please try it and report any bug you find! 🐞
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Small demo of the Partnership System : How to access a user's partnership page which allows you to start a partnership and check feedback from other users.
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A 2nd demo of the Partnership System : The partnerships dashboard where you can check all your partnerships and accept/refuse propositions.
The PolyBridge for $ROCKS is back up. 🌉