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Risiq Importer are one of the leading supplier of PPR pipies, fitting and all brands new and used vehicles in ethiopia. We can provide duty free vehicles, trucks and construction machineries directly from europe and uae
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Hyundai Creta 2019 Model
📲 +251911223871
📧 info@risiqbs.com
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Risiq Group T-MECH PPR PIPE AND FITTING products sole agency

📍 Kazanchis finishing mall 3rd floor
📩 info@risiqbs.com
Risiq Importer Quality and affordable pipe and fittings product and more. Location: Kazanchis Ethio Ceramic Bldg 3rd floor. Mob: +251 911223871, +251 913348137
Visit our website:https://www.conlink.et/pipe-and-fitting/risiq-importer/
T-Mech PPR pipes & fittings are the most reliable plumbing and water suppliers. Their chemical features and fusion welding ensures the safest plumbing with a perfect seal-tight system.
📧 info@risiqbs.com
📱 +251911223847
🥭Mangos are a great source of Vitamin C
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Toyota Proace city
7 seater 2020/2021 model
📍 @dinaauto +251911223871
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ረመዳን ከሪም!!🌙

እንኳን ለታላቁ የረመዳን ፆም በሰላም አደረሳችሁ።

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Say goodbye to all leaks and bursts!

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