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Radio interview complete. Stay tuned for more details
Good morning all. New material coming out today and tomorrow!
Forwarded from Amir Tsarfati
👆🏻A mind-blowing graphic in today's Times on what $85bn worth of lost equipment means in practice for the Taliban!
Three years ago, it would have been a conspiracy theory to suggest that a man made global pandemic would shut down the entire world.

Two years ago, it would have been conspiracy theory to suggest that the US government would make an endless parade of vaccine and booster shots, mandatory.

One year ago, mandatory vaccine/ immunity passports were considered conspiracy theory.

Today, subcutaneous covid microchips are “conspiracy theory.”

You can see where this is heading.

Folks, I’m not saying C19 isn’t a real problem. I’m not even saying these shots are “the mark of the beast.”

What I am saying is this government-corporate enforcement, along with the technology to implement and enforce it, is conditioning and desensitizing the world to go in that direction.

If you read your bibles, this is where it says we are heading.
I apologize for the slowdown in articles. Ive been dealing with C19 the past week and a half and I am just now starting to feel human again. Thank goodness for ivermectin. Articles coming forth today!
Enjoying the day at the Awaiting His Return conference. I don’t come to these events often enough.