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Hey everyone!πŸ‘‹

The AMA is scheduled for this upcoming Wednesday, 3 PM CET! Be sure not to miss it!πŸ•’
Hello everyone!πŸ‘‹

Have you had the chance to read our latest article?

The RED Platform β€” How Using Blockchain Helps Revolutionize Energy Consumption

You can find it here:

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πŸ—£Hello, awesome RED community!πŸ‘‹

We have some awesome news to share:

❇️ We feel everyone should be able to stake in order to receive the initial one time bonus of 0.11KWT for each MWAT staked on the REDplatform, therefore, thanks to the feedback we received, we decided the qualifying period will be 3 months, calculated from the start of staking in August !!
❇️Staking will start around 20th of August 2019, as previously announced!
❇️KYC will begin processing, emails will be sent to both those passing the process or needing to send in more documents. Deposits on the platform will start subsequently.
We just published the first article from a series of pieces focused on platform functionality&usability and workings of the staking mechanism, get ready to let everyone know about REDplatform!πŸš€

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You've asked for it and here it is! πŸš€

As we are a just a couple of steps away from staking and exchange launch, we have another important document to share with you all!!

This time, it's the initial draft of the RED User Guide! Keep in mind this is the first instance, once the final version is in place, it will be shared on the REDplatform website as well! As always, feedback is encouraged, so feel free to let us know!

PS: An announcement is coming from Vali very soon!βŒ›οΈ
✍️Hello everyone!

From now on, all technical support issues related to the REDplatform will have to go over to:
Hello everyone!πŸ‘‹

We just published two more articles on our medium, please give them a read and as always, don't forget to πŸ‘ and share✌

An introduction to trader role:
Staking mechanics in brief:
β€ΌScammer alert: there is a fake Armand account going around messaging people and asking for BTC. Report and block the scammer please! Keep in mind admins or team members will never go around messaging people first, asking for any sort of details or funds! Stay safe!
Hello everyone πŸ‘‹

Vali will make an important announcement in the main community chat, in a short while, please keep an eye on the chat and join him thereπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
Deposit guide‼️

Keep in mind, in order to deposit on the platform (after paying the platform fee), the correct process is the following:

1. Once logged in, go to Ledger > Deposit
2. First input the address you will be sending from (your personal wallet, NEVER use an exchange address)
3. Input the desired amount of tokens you wish to deposit and then Confirm.
4. Go to your personal wallet (from point 2.) and send the exact amount (from point 3.) to the wallet address listed on the Ledger > Deposit page, making sure to send the EXACT same number of tokens (including the decimals).

By following these steps, you can make sure the system recognises the transaction, updates it's status accordingly and also avoids getting your tokens lost in the process.

If the user fails to follow these steps and tokens get lost due to that, there will be a 15% tax applied to the total amount in order to retrieve them (if successful)!
Hi RED community,
During the last months we have focused one thing, one full open energy platform that truly ties producers/consumers suppliers, this is all backed by a company called RESTART ENERGY, this is not just another crypto project, we have achieved so much, we have a fully working platform with everything that an energy market needs kyc/platform/invoicing/payments/apps something that the crypto comunity rarely sees.
You've witnessed it and we're not stoping here, in the backgrounds we are working on strategic partnerships with companies in different countries, all of them high profile.
As you know we've always talked about the things we have done, and things that are 100% on our roadmap, we've always kept our word and listened to each and everyone of you.
We've developed everything in an open manner so that each and everyone of you can contribute and we are so grateful for that, i think that our actions and results speak for themselves.
We're working around the clock to add more consumers and producers, we have something real, a real open energy market that spins around the MWAT TOKEN, a token owned by the community.
I know that some of you are skeptical, some of you don't see the full picture, some don't want to, some are in it just for the speculation.

I've seen a lot of discussion in regards to mwat/kwt price, RED (me included) does not believe in a market that is owned not even partially by actors that don't have the same common goal as we do, we have seen a lot of crypto projects that have different prices, that have no product no strategy no business.

RED believes in a market owned completely by the community, and it's working towards that. What we need to understand is one thing, RED will allways do what it's best for it's community.
We've listened, we understood, we acted, we delivered. We've tried always to take every opinion into consideration.
While we can't control pricing on any exchange out there that trades MWAT, we are working out strategies that in the long term are benefiting the RED community.

We've worked so hard untill now, we have truly built our train, THIS IS THE FIRST STATION, but we have many more stops to get trough, it truly depends on each and everyone of you.
We've built the train, we're starting it on 1'st of September, and from there we don't want to stop, and we're not going to.

Everything was considered, from the way producers generate energy to the way consumers use it and how the supplier ties it together, and we've built the product the technology the everything
we've thought of everything from smart meters to charts/data/invoicing EVERYTHING, mechanics for our comunity, bonuses for stakers.

Now if you're telling me that the RED you believe in is at 2c, that's not the RED i believe then, what we can do and you have our promise on that is one thing.
We're going to do EVERYTHING that we can in order to make RED a truly global energy platform.

Maybe to some of you, some things don't add up, but in the long run everything will make sense.

What you need to do as part of the community, just think about how many stops you want to take the RED train for.

We have many stops to go :), stay tuned.

Your CTO, Vali.
Hello everyoneπŸ‘‹

πŸ—£We just redesigned our website, please check it out at

And that's not all! The REDPlatform is now available for ALL operating systems!πŸ™Œ

You can now go ahead and download, in addition to the mobile versions for Android and iOS, our new native REDPlatform Apps for Windows, Linux and macOS!βœ…
Hello everyoneπŸ‘‹

Please be advised that the platform might be temporarily unavailable as the infrastructure is under maintenance/upgrade. We will announce it once normal service resumes.
πŸ—£Hello everyone!

Please remember today is your last chance to claim the initial KWT bonus! You have until 23:59 UTC to stake your MWAT and receive 0.11 KWT per each MWAT staked!

If you haven't already, go ahead and signup for an account on the REDplatform, here are the links to the mobile apps(iOS/android)/Webplatform as well as native applications for Windows/Linux/macOS.
Hey everyone, as we are experiencing some caching issues , please refrain from staking new MWAT for the time being, we will announce it once it's ok to stake againβ€Όβ€Ό
Hey awesome RED supporters!πŸ‘‹

We realized some of you didn't get to stake your MWAT on the 15th, so we decided to add two more days to the staking window!
You now have until 10/18/2019 @ 12.00am (UTC) βŒ›οΈ!
Happy staking!