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Forwarded from Lone🔮 DEFI
Forwarded from EndTheFed
Lmao they probably subscribed to rektplebs too
Forwarded from EndTheFed
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Forwarded from Ab Cd
Wow to the people in this group already dumping the price back down before the burn is even announced… get rekt soon. No dubai party for you.
Forwarded from Jochem
Same old same old. Hope they get burned
Forwarded from Crypty rick
The fuck. Who dumped. Is the burn over?
Forwarded from PatronSaintRaf
So frustrating, literally every pump we get brought back down
Forwarded from CoaxialCrypto
Fuckijg huge sell walls aswell
Forwarded from Deleted Account
Sparkster investors are number 1 rekt plebs.
Their ICO investment $0,15 per SPRK is now $0,00015 with $0 volume totally dead.

Group muted long time ago no updates or activity. 1 of their old admins Refrescoo opened lawsuit group and collect info from rekt plebs. He played his group for a very long time with “Soon we share info” collected even money for lawsuit but it seems @Refrescoo scammed rekt plebs twice😂 He is also working with Saj secretly on the background for Sajs marketing campaign for his scam platform. This was also the reason why he muted+banned people who talked bad about Sparkster + Saj. While the rekt plebs are waiting for lawsuit they got scammed now by 1 of their old admins. This whole story is so funny.....
Forwarded from CHRXS
Elon candle lol - Shib team shouldn't have asked lol