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"The Bitcoin Halving - Everything You Need to Know"

I talk about how the Bitcoin Halving affects Bitcoin's price prior to and after the Halving
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LTC/BTC extra analysis and follow up on previous update: How has the LTCBTC update held over time? "LTCBTC has never shown much strength at this level whenever it was enjoying a macro downtrend like it is now." While LTCBTC was able to rebound for a +20%…
LTC/BTC extra analysis:

This reversal is much less volatile than the previous ones.

This time round, LTCBTC developed a Morning Star candlestick formation, reversing with the aid of a long downward wick to tap into lower buy orders.

LTCBTC needed to resort to lower price levels to tap into a liquidity that would generate stronger price movement.

Here's a key difference compared to previous LTCBTC Market Cycles: LTCBTC would always wick below the 0.0073 level (even 1W close below it) before reversing upwards.

This time round however, LTCBTC clearly broke down from this support and will be soon testing it to check if it has flipped it into a new resistance. This sort of bearish confirmation wouldn't bode well for LTCBTC's future price.

Having said that, pressing past 0.0073 could be confirmation that LTCBTC has indeed begun its new post-Halving Market Cycle.

Every time LTCBTC has reached the blue area and returned above the green resistance (0.0073) - it had begun a new Market Cycle.