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RedLine Blockchain’s ecosystem offers a host of technological solutions for many industries and peer to peer transactions. For more information go to
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It's oficial we are part now of Capatec !
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Nos complace anunciar que el día de hoy Redline Blockchain se ha sumado como miembro de @capatecpanama y ahora forma parte de su comunidad tecnológica. #RedlineBlockchain #Capatec #Panama #cryptonews #blockchaintechnology
Good night Redliners!!

We've been invited to #Tecnonoticias Today 10pm, Panama Time.
Watch us Live here:
Or Watch us on Channel 38, Cable Onda.
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🔔 Redline Coins are on sale! If you haven't downloaded your wallet and got your RLC yet, hurry up as we have limited supply! Need help? Just ask our team here. We are here to help you!
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🔔 With our business expansion in Latam and specially Brazil, we are welcoming Rafael Biasiolo as Latam expansion advisor to Redline Blockchain family. With his experience and expertise on business culture in Latin America, he will help onboard major institutions and retail users to Redline Blockchain.
🔔 We are happy to announce Caroline lembck has joined Redline Blockchain to enhance our effort on building more accessible business practice in North America and caribbean islands countries with an advisory capacity.
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Aún estás a tiempo de comprar tus Redline Coins en Pre-Venta!

Visita nuestra página: y aprovecha esta única oportunidad de comprar tus tokens al precio más bajo antes del 17 de Mayo.

#RedlineBlockchain #cryptocurrency #blockchainnews

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🔔 RLC price has increased to $0.75! Please take advantage of this price while it lasts! Go to our presale site and purchase your RLC today. The process is straightforward. Make sure you have downloaded the RedWallet and completed the EKYC. If you have any questions, please contact us on here!
👉 For alternative purchase methods, please get in touch with us at
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Have you purchased RLC yet? Let us know if you need help purchasing RLC! :)
At Redline Blockchain, we create a culture of transparency and integrity, by working together as a team and always joining forces with institutions and authorities to ensure that the authority facilitates business for the economic and social development of all individuals living and working in Latin America. We would like announce our gratitude toward @propanama.gob and their contribute to the development of a productive, inclusive, digital and sustainable country through the promotion of exports and the attraction of foreign direct investment and the help and support the been giving to @redlineblockchain.

For more information visit
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Welcome Redliners!

👋We want you to prepare for what's coming! Tell your family and friends to download RedWallet and follow these steps:

📌 Learn how to complete your e-KYC after downloading and installing the RedWallet app!

✅️ Follow us on our Socials @RedlineBlockchain and ask us questions!
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Mira este vídeo con @3mmanueldaza y aprende paso a pasó cómo convertirte en un Redliner.

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⭐️ Hoy quiero invitarte a descargar Red Wallet y completar el proceso de eKYC para obtener tu primer Redine Coin de regalo y así comenzar a ser parte de nuestra comunidad y enterarte de los beneficios que te trae convertirte en un Redlliner. Síguenos en nuestro canal de Telegram @RedlineBlockchain y entérate de las últimas actualizaciones.
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Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies designed to be protected from the wild volatility that makes it difficult to use digital assets for payments or as a store of value.
There are three types of stable coins.
Fiat-Collateralized Stablecoins.
Crypto-Collateralized Stablecoins.
Algorithmic Stablecoins.

Major stablecoins such as Tether, USD Coin and Binance USD are reserve-backed: they say that they hold enough dollar-denominated assets to maintain an exchange rate of 1:1.

The companies say that one of their stablecoins can always be exchanged for one dollar.

How do stablecoins lose their peg?

When the price of the stablecoin goes over the peg they buy assets and sell them when the price drops below the peg. Some algorithmic stablecoins are known for losing their peg during black swan or unexpected events because the market volatility shoots upwards due to a lack of over-collaterization.
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