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Very important x22 Report 2651b, chock full of damaging information that will show those awake the plans of the Deep State and those who are asleep the piss-poor logic being used to lie to them in order to keep them goose-sleep stepping.
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A flashback to 2020 when we got fact checked for this article. The fact check was removed and later on in the pandemic the lab origins theory became mainstream. We were punished, our page was censored, yet we received no apology and were made to look like we were spreaders of "fake news."
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I just published a new article on the NIH Director and Fauci participating in a propaganda-smear campaign against epidemiologist from Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford who opposed covid-19 lockdowns.

Instead of engaging in evidence-based scientific debate, Francis Collins and Anthony Fauci, used the corporate media to launch a public smear campaign of what ended up becoming more than 15,000 scientists and doctors arguing for focused protection of the elderly rather than a complete lockdown of society.

Why was the talking point about BLM and the $2,000,000,000 worth of damage, around 30 killings and countless businesses--including black businesses--destroyed, "It was a peaceful movement; that was just a small percentage of people" but that same talking point isn't applied to January 6 where out of hundreds of thousands of people gathering, they claim around 700 were arrested, most for trespassing and ZERO for insurrection?


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Voting rights, the environment, the virus--they keep us focusing on the not effective or important and we pick up the bait and fight over the trivial.
[1:39] "We are not one doctor. We are 17,000 doctors!"
Hilarious anti-woke commercial! 😂
Spiritual pick-up artists 😁
Vaccine poison batches intentionally trying to kill Red state population.
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Greg Reece: Red States Targeted With Deadly Batches of Vaccine but that is not the point
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A good lesson in knowing your rights and being assertive. One warning: if you play this game you better KNOW your rights!
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