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Hi Tribe!, kids are sleep, and I got free time. I just thought of going LIVE on Youtubbe to talk a little bit about my upcoming filming of The Power of Divination? Join me for a chat or to say hello.
Good Morning Tribe! The traditional Tong Shu says today is not a good day for major activities. So what should we do instead ? Well perhaps I should take the opportunity to clear some myths and misunderstandings about YiJing as an art of divination. From countless religious zealots declaring them heretic, to the old wives tales of bad fortune befalling the person whom seek the divine on their own without a Taoist priest , what most of these superstitions and misconceptions boil down to is really just a fear of the unknown. Occasionally misconceptions and myths can hold back a YiJing reader from deep diving into his / her own life force energy. Sometimes scaring them off altogether. One member of our Tribe wrote to me yesterday, asking me if Divination is working with the Devil! Otherwise how come it is so uncanny accurate. Haha this one makes me laugh every time . I know Buddhists, Daoists, Christians, atheists and Spiritual YiJing practitioners and the idea that a person seeking clarity and awakening to Higher Consciousness could be messages from the devil, makes no sense to me!!! YiJing is just a tool to help you tune in to your higher consciousness. As a tool, it is perfectly neutral and it works with the mind of the reader. If you are a Buddhist, so is your YiJing, if you are a Daoist, so is your YiJing, if you are Christian, so is your YiJing. YiJing does not conjure entities of religions. If you are a witch (well, hopefully not) then so is your YiJing! It’s just a tool to help you align your mind and that of your Higher Consciousness. Very similar to meditation.

I hope that in the many examples and daily morning messages has done a little to show you that YiJing Divination is not to be feared and can actually be used as a tool for mental health, self development , decision making and life improvement. Speaking of which, today’s Hexagram is Great Exceeding, LINE 6.

This hexagram talks about “Overthinking “ and the dangers of allowing this darkness to entrap your mind and destroy your life.
There are three main systems of reading the Book of Changes. Most people are only aware of just one - The Text Based version. I will be exploring the other two in the “Power of Divination” filming / training this coming June 24-27. Want to be a fly on the wall and watch me film this training program which will be later made available in October for US1997, register here :
Good Morning Tribe! The Constellation of Well enters the Fire Goat REMOVE Day along with a host of beneficial stars. The Daily YiJing Hexagram is Poison, Line 5. Removal of ‘Poison’. I like this. Let’s see what wisdom the Hexagram has to offer us today ….
Good Morning Tribe, I just got back to KL late last night and will be using today’s positive energies to prepare the contents for the inaugural filming of my 4Day Training / Filming of “The Power of Divination”. Many, many team meetings and prep work today with the team, so I won’t be posting a voice message this morning. See you guys at the livestream later this evening instead :-)

If there’s something you’d like to learn about YiJing do post your questions here, if there’s a chance perhaps I will answer your question as part of the contents for the filming. really excited ! By the end of the 4 day training, my aim is to give you guys the ability to do your own Hexagram readings not just daily , but anytime you need guidance and insights into live’s many challenges. Let’s win together by learning how to solve problems and manifest our dreams. Life is and can be great ! Details about the filming and training are here :
Going to fine-tune the materials for tonight’s session.

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In case you want some notes and training related materials + announcements, join the dedicated Power of Divination Telegram here:👉👉👉
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