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Listen live at and every second Thursday on 92,5 FM in Bremen. You can also visit most shows on site in our studio / livingroom: Radio Angrezi at Speicher XI 7 inside the Speicherpassage.
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Welcome to another episode of
This Thursday, from 6 pm
📍Chaos Office

Tune in from home or join us for a cold drink for:

18:00 katze203 (acid house / trance)
20:00 Groove with Odogwu // Get ready as Odogwu takes you on a journey into groovy, electronic beats. Shaping tonight's dancefloors in a way that's gonna get you moving.

Also broadcasted via Radio Weser TV, 92,5 MHz.

Change of plans: we're in the Radiostudio today
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BARADIO - now playing: katze203
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BARADIO - now playing: Odogwu
Today, 6 pm
Where they catch the big fish!
Session 4: on Sound
Reyhaneh Rezapoor is going to explore the soundscapes on Radio Angrezi,
delving into the depths of the subconscious through sounds and transcendental meditation.
Her work, heavily influenced by David Lynch’s films and writings, seeks to uncover the essence of creativity.

Where does creativity reside? How do we access it? From where do the ideas we, as artists, present, originate?

Through her experiences with transcendental meditation, Reyhaneh has discovered a profound connection with sounds, guiding her to a realm where she encounters the "big fishes" of inspiration.

A collaboration by Radio Angrezi and Exploring Soundscapes seminar. (ST2024)
Dear everyone, soon there will be a free position at the radio for coordination and communication! Yay! 🎉 For more details, have a look into the attached job advertisement. We're looking forward to your applications.
Take care!


Ihr lieben, es wird bald eine freie Stelle beim Radio für die Koordination und Kommunikation geben! Juhu! 🎉 Weitere Details findet ihr in der angehängten Stellenausschreibung. Wir freuen uns auf eure Bewerbungen.
Bis dahin!
Dear listeners, we're happy to present to you this week's radio program! All shows are suitable to visit on the spot or to listen to online, via!

TUESDAY / 5 pm
Dramatic like that
Genre: Comedy. Sex. Educational. Friendship. Relationship.Health.
Language: Denglish
📍@ Radio Studio

Ep. 1 Intro: Simply dramatic !
Welcome to episode 1 of dramatic like that
Where everything might be a little bit over exaggerated so don’t take us too seriously - or do. It’s up to you.

In the first episode Markena joins with no filter, as we delve into what makes a person "dramatic" , pet peeves and how we both ended up here. A fun chit chat session that makes anyone feel like they are heard, seen or simply relatable.

Thursday, Rave?
📍 @ Chaos Office

Welcome to this special edition of BARADIO! 🪩
For this week we have invited some of our finest partners in crime:

6pm dis.orient b2b gabb
9pm dsty_
11pm kzmrkndnsk

Get prepared for a small rave @chaos_office @hfkbremen
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Dramatic like that
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Thursday, rave?
Now playing: dis.orient b2b gabb
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Thursday, rave?
Now playing: dsty_
| • Still live with • |
Thursday, rave?
Now playing: kzmrkdnsk
Dear listeners, we have a bunch of shows prepared for you this week. Make sure to tune in or drop by. All shows are suitable for listeners at the spot. 📍🙌🏼

Studio Zyklos Open Session
Studio Zyklos is a quartet of two human musicians - Chi Him Chik (Saxophone & Katana) from Bremen and Melody Chua (Chaosflöte & Controllers) from Zurich, and two improvisation machines - Aiii and AIYA.

Visiting Bremen as part of their tour in June, the group will do an open Jam Session at the Radio Angrezi.

Visitors, musicians, and listeners are welcome!

#Electroacousticmusic #Improvisation #Improvmachine #JamSession

LIVE @ Radio Angrezi studio

THURSDAY, June 13th / 6 pm
Lemonee and Kurdish Blow mixing up some heat. Expect nothing less than sincere and spiced up music carefully curated for your listening pleasure.

Live on and from the Chaos Office at Speicher XI

FRIDAY, June 14th / 6 pm
Exploring Soundscapes Session 6: On Atmosphere
Sayed (Sed) Hashem Ali dives into the theme of atmosphere, transmitting a diverse variety of tones through Radio Angrezi. His selection and collage of sounds showcases the reconstruction of sounds from everyday listening, forming narratives and visions in our minds over long periods of time. It aims to invoke certain emotions or present recognizable situations to create a sort of sonic narrative in listeners’ minds, similar to a visual experience. The show starts with the birth of a person and continues from there. In the process it will also explore the healing or helpful potential of sound. One's own relationship with sound, and possibly one’s dependence on sound.

A collaboration by Radio Angrezi and Exploring Soundscapes seminar (ST2024).

SATURDAY, June 15th / 5 pm
📚 Cozy reading session 📖
Bring a book, poem, or any text you like, let’s read in english, german or every other language you speak. You can join us in the studio to listen or to read something as well. 💛

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Studio Zyklos Open Session
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Exploring Soundscapes Session 6: On Atmosphere
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📚 Cozy reading session 📖