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Here we go again…
This Saturday morning in Moscow was brought to you by a good cup of coffee and beautiful weather.

They call it a “heat wave,” but my inner Texan is soaking up every moment, even it means the sun rises at 3:45am right now…
The tallest monument in Russia, representing their 1,418-day fight against Nazi Germany during World War 2.

A solemn reminder of the more than 27 MILLION people who lost their lives during that fight, as the Soviet Union gave more than any other nation in a victory for the world.
On today's edition of “it's only a conspiracy until the NYT admits it's fact…”

“Even as the Biden administration has declared it will not deploy American troops to Ukraine, some C.I.A. personnel have continued to operate in the country secretly.” (https://nyti.ms/3HWyRsj)

However, the CIA's involvement in Ukraine is nothing new—and it has been continuous ever since the US-backed coup in 2014…

“The CIA is overseeing a secret intensive training program in the U.S. for elite Ukrainian special operations forces.” (https://yhoo.it/3A2p1Dt)
Can you imagine being a German citizen, watching as energy prices skyrocket and you struggle to pay your bills, all while your Gov’t refuses to authorize the new pipeline it has spent years supporting—only to then decide they’ll use it for spare parts??

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Biden and his European allies again claim they have plans to counter China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

Not only are they a decade late, but their plans for a $600 Billion investment are a little ironic, given that their own countries are falling apart…
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I Moved To Russia…

Walking down the streets of Moscow, you would never guess that it is the capital of the most sanctioned country in the world and the target of a US-led proxy war that seems to be hurting the West much more than its intended targets...

Watch the full video and subscribe here:

Rokfin - https://bit.ly/39USvZq

Odysee - https://bit.ly/3nr9mpL

Rumble: https://bit.ly/3OvFFQj

Bitchute: https://bit.ly/3a218Bh
NATO: We don’t pose a threat to Russia.

Also NATO: We will continue arming Ukraine for ‘as long as it takes,’ we’re increasing the number or troops in the region around Ukraine… oh, and we’re naming Russia the “most significant threat” to our alliance.

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It has been a busy day for NATO, as members convinced Turkey to withdraw its veto and allow Finland and Sweden to move forward with US-led plans to join the alliance.

The deal is already increasing tensions with Russia, which NATO is now calling its “most significant threat.”
The latest poll shows that 71% of Americans don’t want Biden to run for re-election

Yet another reminder that they want him to focus less on how many BILLIONS in money and weapons he can launder in Ukraine and more on the countless issues the US is facing

12 days of Moscow. It’s a privilege to get to explore this beautiful, resilient city.

Grateful for new friends, and looking forward to this new season of working for RT International!
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The typical outrage from the media has been almost nonexistent after dozens of migrants were killed crossing from Africa to Europe, over the Morocco-Spain border.

This, after Spain previously boasted about accepting 100,000+ migrants from Ukraine…
Biden’s attempt to blame gas station companies for soaring gas prices comes as Americans are getting fed up with his regular “Putin’s price hike” sermon.

His Admin continues to blame everyone but themselves and their own policies for the crisis that was created by the US Gov’t.
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At least six people were killed and dozens injured after a gunman opened fire on a crowd in Highland Park, Illinois, during an Independence Day parade.

Police say the suspect, who was shooting from a spot on the roof of a local business, is still on the run…
The US is finally admitting that Palestinian-American Journalist Shireen Abu Akleh was killed by the IDF, in a carefully worded statement claiming she was likely the target of “unintentional gunfire” from “Israeli positions.” (https://reut.rs/3OLS6Ym)

However as witnesses on the ground like Palestinian journalist Shatha Hanaysha noted, there was no fighting in the area and their PRESS vests were clearly visible…

“[the bullets] were sporadic and precise. They were only shot when one of us moved.” (https://bit.ly/3NDuDqZ)

Of course, it comes as no surprise that the NY Times, which initially referred to Shireen’s murder as the result of “clashes” in the West Bank, instead focused on comments from the U.S. that the bullet was “too damaged” to prove exactly who killed her. (https://nyti.ms/3Aojd7v)