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> For example, no matter how heavily one of the Ruby implementations is optimized, it’ll never beat PHP, let alone a fast language like C++, Go, or Java – the inherent performance disparity is too great.

Russ Cox 2014 年给 MIT CSAIL 做的一个 Go talk,主要是关于内存模型的

对这方面不太熟悉的可以结合 这篇
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Eric S. Raymond (《大教堂与市集》 的作者)写了一篇关于 Go 语言的感受,其实大部分还是那些问题:

- 错误处理
- 缺少 sum type
- 表达力缺失(没有迭代器,const 只能用于原始类型 etc.)

不过总体上来说他对 Go 的评价其实还是很高的:

- 代码更容易维护(静态类型)
- 性能更好
- 更好的 profile 工具和测试工具

HN 讨论
Python 的一系列性能改进计划

我个人觉得 HPy 比 PEP-659 要更重要,如果 HPy 能进上游的话,Python 扩展就不用跟 CPython 实现绑定了

今天跟朋友聊数据库连接池,发现 HikariCP 有一篇很好的概述文章


> Axiom: You want a small pool, saturated with threads waiting for connections.
The Mysteries of Dropbox

使用 Property based testing 来给 Dropbox 做自动化测试,发现了一些隐藏很深的 bug

Slide: https://www.lambdadays.org/static/upload/media/1456917030529391sonofmysteriesofdropbox.pdf

Paper: https://www.cis.upenn.edu/~bcpierce/papers/mysteriesofdropbox.pdf
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> IIRC for example Alpine does not make available the source code (AFAICT Alpine publishes source code for the packaging scripts, but not the package sources), or even the LICENSE of binary packages, which is problematic for compliance with licenses ... (Various common license require including the license text, and / or making source code available).

> So those images don't even ship with license / copyright info files for packages which is ... not a great start.
I'm not sure where a good public reference is for this, Google OSPO has some relevant docs internally about following license requirements when producing container images.
So far the best public doc on the topic I've found is lwn.net/Articles/786066