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Welcome to the new PSF Events channel! All future events will be posted here for easy organizing and to help make our events easily accessible to all!
Puget Sound Furs is ending the 2022 year with a bang at the Seattle Center on New Year's Eve! There will be food, light shows, photos, fireworks and more! 2022 marks the end of our long hiatus since 2020; it's been a long journey for many of us since our last New Years event at the end of 2019. With the COVID lockdown, long restrictions, and hard recovery for many, our local events have been, at best, limited and restricted. 2023 will mark a new year for many of us, especially with the AnthroNW convention right around the corner, and a new year for us to start our monthly events again!

We will be starting at 8PM and then ending officially at midnight! We will be meeting up for the first hour at the Seattle Center Fountain! For parking, there is several parking garage locations and options around the Seattle Center area! We recommend using Google Maps or your GPS to find one of the handful to use!

We'll be running around, enjoying the lights, taking photos, participating in their events, and more! You're encouraged to bring your fursuits for some fun photos! We will be taking our group photo at 9PM before the big light show at 10PM! Hope to see you guys there!

Be sure to RVSP @ https://www.meetup.com/furlife/events/290182275/ !!

For more info on the Seattle Center events, check out the deets @ https://www.seattlecenter.com/events/featured-events/new-years-eve
10PM light show - https://www.seattlecenter.com/events/event-calendar/winterfest-new-years-eve-celebration-fountain-of-light
Midnight fireworks at the Space Needle - https://www.spaceneedle.com/newyears

If you'd like to donate to help fund our up coming events, you can donate at http://paypal.me/pugetsoundfurs ! All donations help a ton, and will go directly to our events!
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For anyone interested, I'll be hosting a panel at ANW on Friday at 4:30p about classic cars, a brief overview on their history, and the engineering and design that went into them. It'll be an interactive panel with various classic car and unique parts for people to see and interact with as I give a small lecture, then there will be a questionnaire session at the end~

I'll be bringing things like retro car radios that'll work on display, a few misc interior and exterior parts from various 50s-70s cars, a few mechanical components, and more for everyone to see and learn about. I've been building various classic and retro cars for over ten years now, and would love to share my passion with you all~ <3