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Write to us. Our message channel: Domain name change. Our new site domain: Change your browser bookmarks to the specified new domain.
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SOCKS5 / HTTPS anonymous proxies. Proxies IP v4. Countries: USA, Russia, England, Germany, Turkey, China, Japan, Korea, Italy, Australia and other countries. Low prices. Stable work of all proxies. 100% anonymity. You can watch movies, play games, download files through our proxies! NO TRAFFIC RESTRICTIONS !!!
Instant purchase through: Credit cards, WebMoney, Bitcoin, Litecoin.
Hello everybody.
We stopped adding proxy packages for 10 days.
Gradually, they will be withdrawn from circulation.
Packages remain for 30 days.
How to make purchases cheaper?
When buying through the Digiseller payment system, you do not have to pay interest if you pay with Webmoney.
Register in the Webmoney system. Registration will take a small amount of time, but with every purchase it will save you money.
Webmoney supports many languages.
To register, follow the link - in the upper right corner, click on the button: Sing Up.
On the right side at the bottom of the page, click on the languages ​​icon and select your language. Register.
Create the wallets you need.
Wallet for dollars - WMZ.
There are wallets in the national currencies of some countries.
You can also create a Bitcoin wallet, Litecoin.
You can replenish wallets in different ways, including bank cards.
Can be exchanged between Webmoney members
Payment by "Bank Cards" has been restored, as well as payment through the "QIWI" system has been restored. Instant payment and receipt of goods.
We remind you that you can significantly reduce costs when making payments from Webmoney wallets. When paying with Webmoney, the commission is 0%.
See the post above.
Dear users.
The site switched to a secure connection - https
If some pages do not open in the browser bookmarks that you did before, or when you switch from the bookmark, you are thrown to the main site, go again from the main site to the page you need and save the new bookmark. Or open the old entry in the bookmark and change the entry - http to https.