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The syndicate with EstBAN diversifies raising money for the early-stage technology start-ups!

In the autumn round, Prototron has over 60,000 euros for the teams. According to Antalainen, the contribution of investors in the newly created syndicate will be between 50,000 and 100,000 euros per team. The timetable for selecting the start-up company to receive the EstBAN syndicate investment follows Prototron’s general timetable. EstBAN will start communicating more closely with start-ups after TOP50 teams are chosen.
New round is open, the demands on the teams are growing

Our second application round of 2021 is open, 60,000 euros will be distributed among the teams. Similar to developments in the global startup landscape, Estonian investors also want to find and share potential ideas at their earliest possible stage. Higher risk also means higher demands on both teams and their ideas.

Applications for the Prototron autumn round can be submitted at until 15 November 2021.
Do not forget what your users want!
If you focus too much on the product, you can easily forget what users want.

The product is not something that WE build and then somebody has to sell it to someone who wants to buy it.
The product is primarily the result of users, or "customers" understanding.
We must not forget that the product is what WE SELL.
This insight makes it easier to test prototypes, try to attract customers at a very early stage, and not dig deeper into the product even without understanding its prospect.

You can learn how to understand a useful prototype by going through the Prototron fund program. We often hear opinions that the program itself is more useful than the money the projects rise.

Submit your application by November 15 to validate the viability of your idea, get the best mentors and indispensable networking.
When we are selecting projects that will get into the prototron program and be able to get support, one of the most important selection criteria is scalability.

Scalability means being able to attract users from different countries worldwide. It can only be done if a product or service can fit them and become a new standard, new "default" solution. Every year we are happy to say that the projects that come to us are becoming more and more global. We are excited when the app we supported is installed on users' phones all over the world, or when a robot built with Prototron's support is doing roadwork on different continents.

This creates a clear perspective for investors, allowing them to raise money and to develop business more freely. It's time to think not "outside the box," but "outside the country," "outside the region," and "outside the continent".
Apply now so the best mentors can help build a scalable, sustainable business from your idea.
Have you ever dreamt of becoming a superhero?
Well, you have a chance now.

Prototron is looking for ambitious individuals willing to change the world with their greentech or cleantech startups.

Winners will get up to 35 000€ equity free funding, as well as mentoring along the way.
So if you:
- got an innovative plan of turning tons of waste into green energy;
- know the magical way of reducing toxic emissions in the air;
- realize how to make our planet a better place;
- do not fear of becoming successful,

then definitely apply for this round and let's realize your green idea together 👇
Prototron Green 🌱 extended deadline - March 30th.

Apply now, or feel sorry all spring, because all great programs start really really soon!

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