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$PROS is trending on @coingecko !

Despite the market, we've caught lots of eyes today !

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$PROS is trending on CoinMarketCap !

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Let's hype our #SuperBowl event together

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$PROS is number 1 trending on most viewed token on CoinMarketCap!

Thank you community!

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Let's hype our #SuperBowl event together

πŸ’ͺAlso $PROS beats BTC on its last 30days run ! πŸ’ͺ
The Crypto Bowl Phenomenon 🏈

Being the most-watched program annually, the Super Bowl is also the most expensive event for advertisers.

However, high prices didn't stop blockchain companies in 2022: they invaded the Big Game and unofficially renamed it the Crypto Bowl 🧐

Let's figure out whether we should expect the fever back πŸ‘‡
πŸ”₯ Football Open Pools πŸ”₯

An upcoming Monaco vs PSG match is ready for your predictions!

Predict now on ProsperπŸ‘‡
Last Chance to Predict on Super Bowl & Split 15 000 PROS πŸ”₯

Hurry up cause the Big Game is almost here. We have three open pools related to Super Bowl, and it’s the best time to start predicting! ⚑️

Get started on Prosper πŸ‘‡
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πŸš€#Prosper X Animoca Brands

πŸ•• 24h left to predict the #SuperBowl

πŸ“ˆAlready 90,000 $PROS predicted

πŸ’°10,000 $PROS rewards left to win

πŸ‘‰ Buy $PROS on Binance / BUSD & USDT

πŸ’ͺPredict on

🏈🏈 Superbowl Continuation pool 🏈🏈

Hello everyone

You'll have noticed that our Superbowl pool ends tonight around 19h45 UTC, which is a few hours before the match. This is due to the timer being indexed on the BSC that has been faster than expected over the past two weeks.

To compensate, we will launch a 3h45 continuation pool for the Superbowl.

πŸ‘‰ The continuation pool will share the 12days pool rewards. Predictions made on that pool will be eligible to win the 10,000 PROS rewards left to win

πŸ‘‰ The continuation pool may close with different odds than the 12 days pools. Please place your predictions accordingly

πŸ‘‰ The continuation pool will have the same settlement period than the 12 days pool.

Less than 6 hours left to predict the Superbowl, it's now or next year !
πŸ”₯ Super Bowl on Prosper: Exploring NFL Stars. Part 2 πŸ”₯

A couple of hours left till the Big Game and we’re getting to know Philadelphia Eagles, who are preparing for the battle 🏈

Check out the profiles & don’t miss the chance to predict on Prosper πŸ‘‡
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Our #SuperBowl pool closed with πŸš€πŸš€ 100,000 $PROS predicted!

πŸ••πŸ•• 3 more hours to predict on our continuation pool, don't miss out:

πŸ’°πŸ’°10,000 $PROS as rewards shared between all participants

Predict on the #KansasCityChiefs or the #PhiladelphiaEagles
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The Superbowl is about to begin and we want to live this event to the max!

To share this fun moment with the community, we'll be having a twitter poll to let you vote Kansas City Chiefs or Philadelphia Eagles, that will last up to the very end of the Superbowl !

And because we want to make it even more exciting, we'll be giving away 3000 PROS by doubling the amount of pros on 10 winner wallets !

To be eligible you must:

- Follow @prosperpredict
- Like and RT the tweet thread
- Participate to the poll
- Buy $PROS during the Superbowl (ex on Binance or DEXs)

At the end of the poll, we will pick 10 random winners, verify they meet the conditions and double the amount of $PROS they bought up to 300 PROS each!

Let's participate here πŸ‘‡
πŸ”₯ Open Pools on Prosper πŸ”₯

Happy Monday, community! Super Bowl was definitely a game to remember: congrats to all the Kansas City Chiefs fans!

For everyone who missed our football and NBA pools: two upcoming matches are waiting for your predictions.

Predict now on ProsperπŸ‘‡
πŸ”—πŸ”— REMINDER: Prosper Integrates Chainlink Keepers πŸ”—πŸ”—

Prosper is excited to announce it has integrated Chainlink Keepers to automate several prediction market upkeep tasks in a decentralized way.

As the industry-leading solution for decentralized oracle feeds and off-chain computation services, Chainlink offers secure smart contract automation through Chainlink Keepers, which recently launched on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) mainnet. This integration minimizes trust in core elements of Prosper's markets to ensure reliable performance as Prosper builds a vast cross-chain liquidity solution for prediction markets.

To lean more about this integration, please read our article on Medium or CoinMarketCap
We'll be publishing our Prosper SuperBowlLVII event report very soon.

An overall success with
- 600k $PROS predicted
- 100k $PROS on the Superbowl alone
- 1 week long still going most searched trend on CoinMarketCap
- 2-3 days trending first pos on Coingecko and

The rewards for predictions and twitter giveaways have been distributed / are claimable on the platform.

We'll also be communicating soon on what's coming next ... πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

Soooo... what Project do you think would be fit for a #Partnership with #Prosper within the Animocabrands ecosystem❓


1) TheSandboxGame
2) CrossTheAges
3) MocaverseNFT
4) OthersideMeta

Another one?

Feel free to vote on our special Twitter poll ! πŸ”₯

One of the key strength of Prosper is its connections to the cryptoworld. Prosper discussed with many projects to find investments and establish partnerships that will help in its development : Chainlink, Ankr, 3Commas, Tenzor, Matic/Polygon, Avalanche, Bonded.Finance, Union, Clover, Tron, Hapi, Moar, Stratos, Arche and more.

Being well connected to the booming web of crypto, DEFI & web3 projects that surrounds us is of utter importance. Everyday, new projects pop in the cryptosphere that could help and provide technical solutions for the development of the Prosper contracts and features. The opposite is also true, as many projects are interested in the potential and future features propositions that Prosper is developing.

Connections and supports are also a very good way to establish a good credibility for potential new corporate and retail investors, future partners, and future users of our prediction platforms.

We do our best to improve our ecosystem. Stay tuned... 🧱
We are thrilled to announce that we will be revealing a major partnership for Prosper $PROS.

This new collaboration is very exciting for us.

Stay tuned, official announcement is coming soon!
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πŸ“£πŸ“£ Prosper X Polygon: Prediction meets Artificial Intelligence Event πŸ“£πŸ“£

Only the OGs remember that just 2 years ago, we were proudly announcing our partnership with Polygon 🀝
Many good things happened since for both projects, including a first successful prediction event.

So we thought ... 2 years ... time to celebrate πŸŽ‰ ! and how best than to host another Prediction event!

This time, we want to highlight our partner's leading position and latest big announcements related to Artificial Intelligence in web3.

In the coming weeks, we'll be working on building an event including top Polygon and AI related projects.

We're still working on it, so hold tight. We'll make more announcements, but we could'nt keep it four ourselves!