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Enjoyed our video on the DeGods Battle Arena? 😍

We've decided to show you MORE about this awesome digital realm in Project Hive!
🛠 We're working relentlessly on Project Hive – and we'd love to share a new game development update!

Our team has made a lot of progress, and we believe that the quality of the game, the graphics, the mechanics and the balance has been greatly enhanced.

Stay tuned and pre-register on Google Play
🛠 Would you like to have a quick update on the Project Hive development process?

Stress tests to verify the load on the server are under way.
• The Joker, Empress and Tower new battle mechanics were completed, so now all that's left is bug fixes.
• We keep working on the tutorial, correct errors.
• We continue to test UI to make sure it’s convenient for players.
📣 Upcoming IDO on Poolz in November!

We are glad to announce collaboration with Poolz launchpad – a new partner for Project Hive’s IDO!

📌 Join Poolz community channels:

TG Chat:

📌 Project Hive community channels:

Website l Twitter l TG chat l TG ann l Medium
📌 Especially for your convenience, we have prepared a full article describing the Project Hive gameplay that awaits you in the soft launch version of the game.

We hope you find the material useful:

Don't hesitate to put questions in the comments! 😉
🛠️ Now is the time for a new Project Hive development update!

Our team keeps working hard on effects, skins and sounds as well as battle logic and other aspects of the game. We want to make sure you have an excellent gaming experience at the soft launch of the game!
📌 There is one other piece of information we would like to share with you regarding Project Hive. Today we want to discuss in-game purchases and Google Play pre-registration gifts.

🧐 What is HGT? How Battle and Starter Passes work? What are the gifts for pre-registration? You’ll find the answers in our article:
🔥 Are you ready for the great news?

We are pleased to announce that the soft launch version of Project Hive is coming out on October 31st on Google Play!

📌 If you have not read our complete article on the soft launch release, please find here:
Important Update

We look forward to Google Play's approval of the soft launch version of Project Hive! Unfortunately, we can't influence how fast the approval process goes, so stay tuned. Usually this process takes from 2 to 48 hours.

Thanks for your understanding!

Unfortunately, during the Project Hive moderation process the critical bug was found.This bug should be fixed before launch, so we'd like you to have a little more patience. The game will start as soon as the problem is solved. Thanks for understanding!
We've got a number of critical bugs after release and final tests in Google play. Team has been running tests during all last week and understood that we will need additional time fixing these issues.

Soon, we will release initial version of product and run a 2-weeks test to see if everything runs smoothly.

It won't be much different from the Soft Launch version planned, except some features inclusion, such as in-game shop, top ups, etc.

Also, there still might occur some bugs that we will have this 2 weeks to fix.

Thanks for your understanding. And sorry for this unexpected delay.

Stay in touch, stay Hive!
Good news!

The development team was able to fix the critical bugs which prevented the game from being released. The updated version of the game was already submitted for Google Play moderation - we hope that in the next 42 hours the game will be available to everyone. Thank you for being so patient!
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"The Hive never ends. Once you get in, you can’t disconnect. Don’t want to. Don’t have to."

Project Hive is now available in Google Play:
Your feedback is extremely important to us. We would appreciate it if you could report any problems in the game on our Discord server (open a ticket channel):

Thank you!
Good news: all purchases made in the soft-launch period will be transferred to the release version of the game.

It does not apply to items obtained from the use of bugs and other tools not provided by in-game mechanics.

Keep an eye out - the store is coming soon!
Specially for you, we have compiled a guide for the Joker game class:
We believe that this information will help you to build an effective and powerful Joker deck in #ProjectHive!
Let’s talk about Starter Pass! By completing missions and gaining experience, you can enhance the Starter Pass and earn valuable rewards.
The Starter Pass is available for players all along the game until it is closed by earning the required amount of experience.
The debut single of Project Hive's original soundtrack is now available on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming services!

Be among the first to check out Annaell by roseboi - an up-and-coming sound producer, who takes inspiration from cult classic anime and creates powerful techno-tributes. Created with acapella choirs, Japanese motives and compelling instrumentals - we hope you enjoy listening to this track as much as we do!
Check out the song here:

In the near future, music from the game's OST will be available online, on all major music streaming platforms - so be sure to subscribe to Project Hive for more audio goodness!
Dear Hivers,

The NFT Staking is coming to an end soon. Originally, the plan for this staking was to give away IGT tokens - however, since that time, the concept of the game has changed significantly.

At the moment, the game operates on a single-token system, with HGT serving as the only currency.

We have nothing but appreciation for each and every member of our community - you have supported us throughout the project’s development, becoming stakers and NFT holders!

So, we’ve decided to give back to our community by awarding them with HGT tokens - ones from the reward's pool, according to our tokenomics system.


1. HGT tokens will be awarded on a specific date after the IDO, following the unlock of the HGT rewards pool

2. HGT Tokens can be added to Project Hive in-game balance - with the withdrawal feature coming at a later date, following the IDO launch. Its implementation is currently in development pipeline, alongside other features and updates.

3. The awarded HGT tokens’ amount will differ from the initially planned IGT tokens release. Main reason - the difference in HGT and IGT’s initial pricing

4. The amount of awarded HGT tokens will correlate and respect the quantity and quality of NFTs in the staking

5. At this point, much is dependant on the game’s success, as well as selecting the right timing for IDO. We’re extremely thankful for your continued support, and are doing everything that is in our powers to improve and grow Project Hive

Thank you, and Stay Hive!
The Project Hive team would like to extend our warmest holiday wishes to you. As we approach the end of this year, we have an additional announcement to share with you.

To close out this significant year, we have created a comprehensive development roadmap outlining our goals for the coming year. This roadmap will provide information on all aspects of our development, and we have many exciting updates planned for you. We hope to continue to meet and exceed your expectations in the coming year.

We wish you a Happy New Year and a joyful 2023.

Please find the link to access the roadmap below: