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PrivateNess Network provides a variety of services for end-users as well as enterprise-level clients which ensure digital infrastructure integrity, online data security, communication encryption and unstoppable website hosting down to the hardware level.
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Forwarded from JeffBouchard
it's a little late for Thanksgiving whatever that is we don't do that in Canada
but I want to Thank Emercoin and Skycoin for their gifts to the World and to what they can do together (that's our job)
Many think I'm impossible to understand well eventually you will
DYOR you will reach the same conclusion I think that Fiber chain is the best there is
that's just generators, identities are in emer chain
source of truth backed by BTC hashpower without regards who runs it
See you next week
All regular domains requests like .com goes to or
No single point of failure there either. is a dispatch, it's not running an exploitable DNS, only EmerDNS, we pitch the monkey to Cloudflare or Quad9 which are better equipped, I use this thing
Forwarded from JeffBouchard
message to the 21 you know who you are, expect an email to the one registered back then from

just a ping. I want to reach all of you, governance in not something improvised, we need to talk
The problem is that we all are evil to someone else without knowing us, like if all religions are true we are all in hell.

We are talking about the WEF for starters, let's take one down, the others will follow, lizards aren't cowards, they see who's gonna get the last word when presented with unequivocal proof.
(technical part begins)
And it's us, they'll gonna have to take down BTC, BCH, BSV and exploit own EMC PoS to even revert one block. Our records are years old in some cases, good luck rewinding BTC to 2020

The Skycoin-type Fiber chain never gave a damn (meaning Zero-Trust) and neither Emercoin's EMC

That's how we unequivocally win: 1+1=>2
non-zero-sum game fueled by time in shorter intervals than bitcoin days
and nothing trust nothing
Forwarded from JeffBouchard
There's a difference in knowing/trading the path and Walking the path. All things being equals at the end of the day we must push back BIS and WEF attacks on Humanity by any means necessary
We are fast finality and eternal gas just like that, the two became immortals
I can say confidently that we are the best our current understanding of math and cryptography as a species we can be.
We are Emercoin, We are Skycoin and both are making Privateness
edit: you can pay one for the other's service like in NCH for a EMC record that will grow back
Some would say awesome stuff. It's game breaker, we won.

edit: (earn by time waited) (spend on Emercoin blockchain) with tokenized time itself, you get it or you don't
how do we tell the world
Good news everybody, Alex is your CEO effective now.
I've done what I could, hopefully he and the team will be able to get this thing off the ground.
I'm leaving the industry altogether to do other things.

Thank you for your confidence over the years, I wish I could've done more and better but out of respect for my teammates and investors I am stepping down and will ensure a peaceful transition.