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PrivateNess Network provides a variety of services for end-users as well as enterprise-level clients which ensure digital infrastructure integrity, online data security, communication encryption and unstoppable website hosting down to the hardware level.
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πŸ’΅ NESS / USDT pair live on XBTS

βœ… Market:

Current supply 649,265.870000 NESS
Stealth supply 0.000000 NESS
Market fee 0.1 %

XBTSX.NESS is backed 1:1 by the real PrivateNess Network (NESS) and can be deposited or withdrawn using gateway operated by XBTS

πŸ’‘ How to Trade Crypto On XBTS (FAQ):

🌐XBTS Decentralized Exchange

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πŸ“ˆ NESS (Waves) & NESS (BSC) added on nomics, assets and exchanges tracker

nomics was already tracking ERC-20 NESS, today it added BEP20 and WAVES as well. Data feed will soon go live:

βœ… PrivateNess Network (Wrapped ERC20):
βœ… PrivateNess Network (WAVES):
βœ… PrivateNess Network (BEP-20):

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βœ… The Ultra High Entropy Pseudo-Random Number Generator (UHEPRNG) is online

Developed by our team member Aleksej Sokolov (aka Alex014, the UHEPRNG is the very engine of our Entropy-as-a-Service. This is Steve Gibson's UHEPRNG adaptation to python:
This carefully designed PRNG utilizes more than 1536 bits of internal β€œstate” memory. The operating parameters of the generator's algorithm were carefully chosen to guarantee that every possible PRNG β€œstate” is visited before the sequence begins to repeat. The result is that the β€œperiod” of this generator will be the β€œGermain prime” 1,768,863 x 21535 - 1, which is approx. 2.132 x 10468. This is such a large number that it might as well be infinite. This generator effectively never repeats.

πŸ’‘ The UHEPRNG on GitHub:

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πŸš€ We are excited to share with you today the launch date of our fuel token NESS COIN HOURS ($NCH):
On the 31st of October 2021 we will fork NESS, create NCH and in doing so kick-start the circular, emission free economy of our ecosystem.

πŸ›° What does this mean?
We replace the dominant, linear market attitude β€˜take, make, dispose’ with a circular one to achieve zero emission by recycling everything. NCH will be generated 1:1 for the NESS you hold in your Skywallet. NCH will have an intrinsic value as you will be able to spend it on our products & services. You keep your NESS 100% without lockup.

➑️ More details about NCH and our economy model in our groups: PrivateNess:; Telegram Community; Telegram Announcement Channel, Telegram Trading Channel
You cannot send NESS directly from WAVES to Fiber, they need to be bridged. The process is not automated, Jeff will help you. Here is how you do it:

1. Download the Skycoin wallet in the Play Store or App Store. This works for both iOS and Android.

2. Create a new wallet. Give it a name. Write down the seed phrase and re-enter the seed phrase in the last field.

3. After the new wallet is created, click the settings icon that looks like a gear. Change the field that says 'node url' to:

4. Send your WAVES Ness to the burn address setup by our CEO @JeffBouchard: 3PCh1hWk4RWkSxHMqrv2CUpKqQUVAYzfQbm

5. Send a private message to Jeff with the WAVES sending address & amount being sent along with your Fiber wallet address for receiving.

6. Your NESS are now native, you start collecting Coin Hours immediately and without lockup period.
🎊 We determined a winner for the lottery, as promised, as expected, we delivered and it is most verifiable on the blockchain, so congratulations to the owner of the wallet that has the highest random number between:


Generated by key

Jeff has sent 1m NCH to the winning address, that is you, gDCSEoAUJEuvmAWmGwFCnq2tGnQqq92gib !
Good News everyone, we crashed Randpay!

Also, we determined a winner who receives the NFT, a 1/1 mint to celebrate the first test-run of our Verifiable Random function. That much is true, our Ultra High Entropy Pseudo Random Number Generator, the coin hour payment method, the routing to emercoins File Validator and Randpay worked as expected.
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We made the decision to fork NESS, allowing you to take ownership of your holdings on the new chain with your existing keys. This solves several problems and allows us to swiftly progress on our roadmap.
Since the current NESS Coin Hours can not be ported onto the new chain, we will set a ratio NCH/NESS and conduct a buy back from NCH owners. This will be the first 'swap back' of Coin Hours in history.

➑️ What problems does the fork solve?
The fork...
- corrects an issue with hard-coded supply metadata that block explorer reads for total supply instead of the real supply
- ensures we have all the latest codebase from Skycoin
- resets time for Coin Hours to zero. This is the way Fiber coins do a 'fair launch'
- allows us to definitively set the supply of NESS on the Fiber blockchain vs Other chains (NCH-generators vs Synthetics)

➑️ As always, we have an ongoing AMA in our Telegram Discussion group:; PrivateNess on Twitter:
In this blog post, we update you on the community development, the tokenomics of NCH & NESS, new rules for the corenodes, the NCH buyback ratio and more.


➑️ As always, we have an ongoing AMA in our Telegram Discussion group: |Twitter: | Gettr:
The NESS Corenode Reward Schedule

For your convenience we have created this visualisation of the NESS emission schedule. You can quickly calculate your expected rewards.

50.000.000 / total
10.000.000 / year
833.333 / month
208.333 / week
29.762 / day
3.720 / epoch

πŸ’‘Payouts will be issued every 3 hours. No penalties or slashes apply if your corenode was not able to maintain >83.35% up-time. However malicious behaviour will result in loss of collateral - with the possibility to appeal and discuss the issue.
If the up-time is above 83.35%, your rewards will be distributed to the wallet address you provided.
We calculated 83.35% of 24 hours to allow for a total daily downtime of 4 hours. Unreliable power grids as a single point of failure should not discourage you from running a corenode.

➑️ As always, we have an ongoing AMA in our Telegram Discussion group: |Twitter: | Gettr:
πŸ“€ We're opening the team wallet to distribute our shares among us executives. In doing so, we remove another single point of failure which is the current one-and-only person that has access to the team funds. We already took care of the genesis wallet accessibility a while ago to protect PrivateNess Network against wrench attacks.

πŸ“₯ These are the team wallet addresses:


πŸ’Œ As always, we have an ongoing AMA in our Telegram Discussion group: |Twitter: | Gettr:
We are happy to announce that the code for the Ness Node Demo is online on GitHub and ready for public testing!
This first version of the Ness Node includes the NCH payment system as well as our first service, the PRNG. We invite all of you to install, run and test the Node. Please send us crashlogs & feedback and don't be hesitant to ask questions in the groups.

πŸ“– Read the corresponding chapter of our GitBook on how to install the node on your Arch or Debian Linux:

πŸš€ This is a huge leap forward. As we harden the code of the Ness Node, we are getting ready to switch to the new blockchain and launch the corenode reward program.

πŸ’Œ As always, we have an ongoing AMA in our Telegram Discussion group: |Twitter: | Gettr:
Dear Community,
we are looking for moderators for our Twitter page. You will be given access to the @privatenessn tweetdeck to tweet, like, share and comment in the name of PrivateNess. If you are interested in helping then please drop us a DM on Twitter. We will review your request and get back to you shortly!

πŸ’Œ Feel free to ask any questions in the Telegram group: |Twitter: | Gettr:
The fork will take place on April 7th 2022

A snapshot of the old chain will be taken at 12:00AM UTC+4 on April 7th 2022. All NESS1 holdings will be credited to the new chain and the old chain switched into read-only mode. Your wallet addresses remain the same, you will be able to interact with the new chain and your NESS2 holdings seamlessly.

πŸ‘€ Up next: The Coin Hours Buyback
You will be able to execute the swap of your NCH1 to NESS2 according to the buyback plan using our new NCH payment system. This will be announced and explained separately.

πŸš€ We have a lot more coming! Make sure to subscribe to our ann-channel to stay up-to-date with the development!

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Progress update April 25th, 2022
πŸ‘‰ Link to blog:

In this blog post we inform you about the latest developments of PrivateNess Network and give a preview of the upcoming changes. Topics are:

- The Fork
- The NCH buyback
- Waves.Exchange delist
- Mobile & Desktop wallet
- Website
- Corenode Reward Program
- XBTS Exchange

πŸ’Œ As always, we have an ongoing AMA in our Telegram Discussion group: |Twitter: | Gettr:
πŸ‘€ As announced yesterday in our blog, we will delist NESS from Waves.Exchange.

You need to swap your tokens onto the new blockchain by the 31st of May 2022 or you will lose your tokens! We offer two ways to do this, explained in our most recent blog post
(the automated procedure will be available shortly)

⁉️ The delisting is necessary as Waves.Exchange currently only allows trading synthetic-NESS, representations of real NESS which are held in custody. We want you to be able to move your NESS freely from your wallets to exchanges and back, the new blockchain finally allows NESS to be listed as native Fiber tokens.

XBTS Exchange is now running a NESS node and allows for native NESS to be held and traded on its platform!

πŸ’Œ As always, we have an ongoing AMA in our Telegram Discussion group: |Twitter: | Gettr:
πŸ”₯ NESS COIN HOURS are now listed on XBTS DEX

Available pairs:

πŸ‘‰ You can create your XBTS account and get started using our referral link: - no KYC!
You're good to go and trade native NESS and NCH the same minute.

😱 Huh, what was that?
NESS on XBTS is now native, you can now freely send NESS back and forth between your Fiber wallet and your XBTS account! Deposits from Waves.Exchange are still open until the 7th of June, this is the way to swap your NESS from synthetic to native.

πŸ’Œ As always, we have an ongoing AMA in our Telegram Discussion group: |Twitter: | Gettr:

We will delist NESS from Waves exchange on June 7th, 2022.
You need to withdraw your NESS from Waves exchange or you will lose your holdings!

Send your NESS to XBTS to automatically swap them onto the native blockchain. You will then be able to withdraw NESS to your Fiber wallet!

🚸 If you don't have an account yet, here is how you get one in under a minute:

🏁 If you already have an account but like to create another one, clear cookies for the XBTS website.