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A decentralized Cardano Staking Pool in India.


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I pledge to see my pool grow. I pledge to transform my vision into action. As promised the pool owner's rewards gets pledged. Pool's pledge is increased from 1.02K ada to 4.95K ada. Will be doing so till it reaches atleast 25K ada. Target pledge 100K ada. Delegators please help us to achieve an active stake of 10M ada. Atleast 2M ada to mint blocks in every epoch. Support us. Let's grow together. See you in the pool.
This Holi let there be splash of color in everyone's life. Wish you all a very happy Holi and colorful life with Cardano. As you are aware that parameter d will become zero in epoch 257 on 31/03/21. This is when all blocks will be minted by SPO's and Cardano's future lies in SPO's hand. Fully decentralized.
Parameter K will also be changed to 1000 so that delegation happens to more pools, thus creating opportunity for more pools to create blocks. Hence creating the most decentralized and economically sustainable ecosystem of stake pools. To know more about parameter d, k and a0 you can read the IOHK blog in the following link:
IOHK must care about small pools, who are supporting since first epoch and never received IOHK delegation support.
When I find small pools launched in March 2021 receiving delegation support from IOHK just because of geographical diversity, it really hurts. PSP is not selected for this round of three months delegation support starting end of May/early June. Will again apply for the fresh cohort during Q3, and fill applications in June for delegation rotation in July.
If you don't have 32 #ETH and wants to run validator on Eth 2.0 networks, then the following Pyrmont testnet guide may help you.
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Stunning nitro glow of Sapphire RX 5700 XT nitro+ in the dark.
If you're still not staking ADA, then this is the right time to get into. Any price below $2 will be a good investment. We believe ADA will touch $4 by year end due to Alonzo effect.
N.B. This is just my suggestion. Please do your own research before staking.
Happy Staking.🙂👍
Also, Rocketpool will go mainnet on 6th Oct. You can stake with min 0.01 Eth. We are confident that APR on Rocketpool will be higher than any other Eth 2.0 staking protocol but not exceeding Ethereum's APR.
These two are must keep crypto in your protfolio.
Ada🤝Eth can always be friends.
A comprehensive guide to secure your cloud server with 7 layers of security. This easy to understand guide will help any non-technical person to easily grasp the concept. Thus helping in decentralizing blockchain. This is what blockchain meant to be.
Blog on this will be added soon on our website.
Hello all!!!, hope you are doing great and must have started staking or have plans to do so.
We waited for a long time and once again got an opportunity to mint blocks. This time we really need your support for our pool to grow. This epoch, epoch 295 we have received delegation support of 325K ₳ from a single delegator. We are very much thankful to him/her. We are delighted to invite you to stake with us in our pool. Our pool will definitely start minting blocks from epoch 297 onwards, when the stake 325K ₳ will be counted on active stake. Total active stake will be 341.89 K ₳ on epoch 297. Right now 325K ₳ is in live stake. Please stake by the end of epoch 295, so that your stake will be counted along with 325K ₳ in the active stake in epoch 297. Epoch 295 ends on 12th Oct at around 9:30 pm UTC. You will start getting rewards from epoch 299 onwards from our pool. Any rewards you get before epoch 299 comes from your previous pools you staked with.
Although with this much active stake it is not possible to mint blocks in every epoch but the ROA (return of ADA, annualised) of the epoch in which blocks are minted will be higher than that of big pools, which have very high stake or almost saturated. You can do your own research on or
Go through the FAQ on primestakepool website if you have any question. If you have any other question, then contact us on our website, mail us or ask us in the telegram support channel. Right now 2M ₳ is required to mint blocks in every epoch. If we are successful in increasing the active stake to min 1.5M ₳ then our pool will mint blocks frequently/every epoch. We request you to stake with us for at least one month, then compare the rewards you are getting with your previous pools you staked with. Also we request you to rotate your delegation and give other small pools an opportunity to grow. It is the delegator, who can make or break anyone's Stake Pool. Help decentralize Cardano blockchain. This is what blockchain meant to be.
Support us. Let's grow together. See you in the pool.
😀Happy Staking
This DIWALI, may wealth and happiness find its way into your home. Prime Stake Pool wishes you a very HAPPY DIWALI.
PSP minted a block in epoch 301 in slot 202718 as scheduled, but unfortunately the delegator with stake 325K ₳ has withdrawn early before completing one month. Now it becomes very difficult for the pool to grow without your support. We once again request delegators to stake for atleast one month, then compare rewards with the big pools.
Now with active stake 16.63 K₳ it is not possible to mint blocks. Right now min 1.5- 2 M ₳ is required to mint blocks in every epoch.
Support us. Let's grow together. See you in the pool.