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FOREX Revision - 28 Imp Questions | ICAI Study Material | CA Final SFM

FOREX RTP Nov 2020 - Q. 8 | Arbitrage Gain Question

NDF Contract | Forex CA Final | MTP April 2021 Q.6a | Non Deliverable Forward Contract

Rice Trader (Derivatives) - Q. 7 RTP Nov 2020 | Futures Contract | Deriavtives CA Final SFM

Derivatives - Q. 6 RTP Nov 2020 | Futures Contango and Backwardation

Portfolio + Derivatives | Rtp May 2021 Q.7 | Disposal and Risk free Investment

SFM RTP May 2022 Few Imp Q. - Stock Lending | Portfolio | US investor in Sensex | CA Final

Q 31 TYK - Minimum Variance Set WA WB WC | Portfolio Management | SFM CA Final | Pratik Jagati

Rtp May 2021 - Q. 4 | Portfolio Management | Portfolio Risk relative to market

Debt Beta / Equity Beta = Asset Beta | Portfolio | Rtp May 2021 Q.3

Geared Beta / Levered Beta Concept + Q.40 Merger (Mat)

Q. 13 RTP May 2021 - Maximum & Minimum Exchange ratio | Mergers and Acquisitions |

ill 4 - GDR Issue Similar Q | International Financial Management | CA Final SFM
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How to watch Fi Audio clips and other Revision Videos and RTP MTP Q on our JDE APP
For ios Download App “MY INSTITUTE” Then use org code “RPYEE”
Happy to share that Financial Instruments Revision lecture (One of my best Video) completed 2 Lakh Views.
Thanks for Watching and Supporting
Sfm may 2022 attempt q6b icai mistakes
Pls everyone share ur suggestions here as to what best can be done so that our problems related to paper checking gets sorted

Accordingly we will proceed further.
Mentoring Session by Ankita Mam on How to study DT and IDT for Nov’22 Attempt.

Also Ankita Mam discussed on Time Management & the Mistakes that students make while writing papers and How to Avoid such Mistakes

Note :- Nothing Promotional, Just a try to help Students in Need
Exam Paper Evaluation Method F.pdf
99.1 KB
As we are submitting this draft to ICAI on behalf of all students, so i want you to pls check if everything is perfect.
We will attach proofs too with above draft.

pls note that we are just trying our best to request ICAI to solve our issues and we all know that there is no any guarantee and therefore I request you to continue with ur studies for Nov22 attempt
My Mood was Off today since morning but this comment made me smile😊☺️
With time I too realised that FR takes around 300 Hours to deliver best Conceptual understanding and clarity.
Pls comment ur opinion too ?
To all those appearing for Nov22 Attempt
Himmat nahi harna h bas lage rehna h with consistency.

Yeh 40din death overs ki tarah h, Bumrah ki tarah bas Yorker ball daalni h
Jeet pakki h aaj nahi toh kal

For FR & SFM, trust our YouTube Revision Videos and Follow Blindly 70+ pakka ana h

Give ur best✌️✌️
Mostly All topics revision videos already available on our YouTube channel
Do Comment if you need Revision Videos of any topic in FR & SFM
We have now included One Finest Faculty, CA Khurshid Ansari Sir in our team who will be teaching CA Inter Direct Taxes
The best thing about him is that he explains all concepts logically and covers entire ICAI Material

He promised to upload CA Inter Direct taxes Revision videos on a regular basis for Nov’22 Attempts.


PGBP Detailed Revision - CA Inter | Income Tax | By CA Khurshid Ansari
Hello Everyone
Just 38 days left for exams
Every single day matters now, So Gear up to next level
Avoid Negative Thoughts and now focus only on exam preparation

Also As Majority students requested for Mutual Fund Revision, it will be provided soon on YouTube.
Do you want Forex New Revision video ??
If yes then detailed one (around 5hrs) or short video (max 2-3 hrs )
Pls comment