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A community of mobile game modders.
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V2 news coming very soon!
Hello everyone!

I've decided to make a public Polarmods group chat. If you're interested, you're free to join here; https://t.me/PolarmodsChat
Hello everyone!

I am creating a contest. Whoever can create a full-size logo for Polarmods, that the community likes the most, will receive a special rank on the website + VIP for one month on a game of choice (name drop soon!). All submissions need to be posted in the #submissions channel of our Discord (https://discord.gg/rdDsMJGzBx).

Members of our Discord community will be able to begin voting on their favourite design in a dedicated channel once all designs are in (21/12 - 24/12).

This contest ends on the 21st of December.

Thank you!
An example of a full-size logo.
With the introduction of Polarmods V2 coming on Christmas (December 25th), I have decided to leak some of the new things added to the forum!

1 - We have new user groups! These user groups come with stylised usernames, and banners. One of the larger changes with the user groups is the addition of the "Community Modder" rank. Anything to do with "Verified Modders" no longer exists! You can no longer gain a special rank from posting ~3 approved mods, we are only looking for the best-of-the-best; people that know what they are doing. This is a change made for the community. We have a section, named "Community Made", where anyone will be able to post threads, but non-staff and non Community Modders will need to have their thread(s) approved by staff before it goes public.

2 - A new marketplace section has been added. This is where you may promote your modding-related products (if it fits in with our marketplace guidelines of course).

3 - A user introductions section. Users may introduce themselves, and get to know other users on the forum.

4 - Wearable awards. These are awards that users can wear on their profile, which you may see this on a users thread, or on their public profile. Awards can be achieved through completing the required criteria (which is viewable here once the website goes live; https://polarmods.com/award-system/list)

Stay tuned for more "leaks" tomorrow!
5 - We have added a section for giveaways! This means that anyone can create a giveaway, but, you must follow the sections rules (for example, creating fake giveaways is not allowed, and will result in the termination of your Polarmods account).

6 - Certain mods can be downloaded directly, without having to go through those annoying third-party websites with URL shorteners. I myself will be using this on various mods.

7 - We now widely support scripts, rather than just APK/library mods. You may distinguish your thread from others by using the "FREE SCRIPT" prefix (you may also sell your scripts in our marketplace, if that's what you're looking for!).

8 - Those with high enough permissions may create threads related to modding news. This may be to notify forum members of the upcoming release of a game, or an updated anti-cheat article; these are just examples.

9 - We have updated the UI on the forum. It is now much better (in my opinion)!

10 - A mailing list has been introduced. This allows us the ability to email you on updates related to the forum (we promise not to spam you, and you may unsubscribe at any time!).
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Once the forum is back up, you may see a list of all the other changes (including the unmentioned ones) here;


Merry Christmas to those that celebrate it on the 24th!
Hello everyone!

Polarmods V2 is now live! I will be updating a menu each day for the holidays as well. Tomorrow will be Forward Assault (which will be completely free).

I won't be making "new" public mods for a bit, as I am currently working on a new framework with Arc, as seen in the news channel of our Discord.

Lets build the community that Polarmods was meant to be!

Hello everyone!

Be sure to join our community Telegram chat: