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PLO5 is available🔥

Premium-version of our AI for PPPoker is finally here! All technical works is on our side, you only provide us with access to club. We will take only few partners, the offer is limited. Hurry up! Pre-order/more info @PokerBotSALE
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🐋 Becoming a poker whale makes you ask only one question. Where to spend all the money? 🐋

Meet the unique artificial intelligence, designed to provide investors with at least 100% monthly ROI.

✅ The process is fully automatic. All you need to do is to collect profit.
✅ The highest level of service available on market. All the problems that might occur are going to be solved by a team of professional engineers and programmers.
✅ A top notch level of technology, created by our team. Stable profit, stable connection, stable investments.

Become a part of our friendly and strong community.
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👉🏻 Inst: @pokerbotai_2021
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Play without limits!

Especially for OFC poker and the convenience of auto clicker, we are pleased to offer you the most favorable conditions for earning by subscription. It has already shown excellent results - an average of $89 per 100 played hands, and with a one-time monthly payment you can use it on any limit and any number of hands, without worrying about your balance.🤑

We always care about the comfort of using our product, so now you don't need to have a club to play, we will provide you one of our clubs for comfortable earning.

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🔥 Getting a stable monthly income from rake = Getting a subscribe! 🔥

Headunion pack - special edition.

👒 No-limit Hold'em + Pot-limit Omaha franchise that works on PPPoker and UPoker clubs.
👒 Generating stably high rake.
👒 Full client management and professional support.

Name a 🤫secret word🤫 "union" and receive a 10% discount❗️

You can choose a weekly or monthly subscription starting from only $1500. That's the only deposit you need to make 😉.
A new year with new opportunities

The most profitable room in 2021 - BODOG increased the number of seats for all comers! So if you were planning to start earning on a reliable platform with stable income and minimal risks - this is what you need.

On this platform you will be guaranteed to have the highest win rate among all platforms and zero risk of being banned. You also do not need to look for a club to play, just run our shell with the right settings, and the trainable AI will work for you!

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Do you want to earn a guaranteed 150% of invested money? Then this post for you!

Our poker autoclickers make money automatically while you rest, but if you want to control the process yourself - we are glad to offer you a poker tipster that, based on millions of games played, will tell you which strategy in a hand will be the most effective.

For any of our products able a profit guarantee - 150% of invested funds, until you reach them you will be given an unlimited account.

🔹POKERBROS (ios/android)
🔹 PPPOKER (android/ios/PC)
🔹 GGpokerok (ios).

iOS (below 14.8.1)
Android (3GB RAM+)

🔹Tipster - $200, $100/month

▪️1 account $ 600/month unlimited autoclicker (from the second month $ 300/month)
▪️2 to 5 accounts $1000/month unlimited autoclicker (from the second month $500/month)
▪️5+ accounts $2000 +admin panel 24/7 support, operator, unlimited autoclicker (from 2nd month $ 1000)

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Increase traffic, rake, and retention of your union with Eco Bot

The most effective way to retain new players is to let them win. But fish don't like being prey to sharks.

Our Eco Bot is designed perfectly for starting your own club and catch your first players. We adds specialized bots playing with your clients that adapted to they skill level, allowing novices to win and at the same time play more effectively against sharks, far outperforming in skill to increase your profits.

Our system also allows you to effectively monitor and block third-party bots, which, combined with the previous features and flexible settings for the number of bots and their behavior, will make your union ideal for players of all skill levels, increasing your profits.

To learn more about the possibilities and ask any question about the Eco Bot please write us: @PokerBotSALE
Play at the professional level with Pocket Joker 😎

75% of novice poker players lose all of their investment in the first month. Professionals have years of experience, a cold calculation and the probability of receiving all possible combinations. A beginner can replace it with our AI poker tipster, that based on billions of played hands and will help you get money from favorite game for the lowest price!

You can see in real time the most profitable pattern of behavior in each played hand, that in ally with automatic "Fishfinder" system will help to significantly increase your win rate

Write us to see how it works and find out how you can make money at poker while sipping cocktails on permanent vacation: @PokerBotSALE
Attention❗️Special offer with FREE NLH and PLO5 AI for you!
If you want to grow your bot-company or expand to new rooms and want to have exclusive access - this offer is for you.
If you have an experience in bot business, have developers (or at least ready to hire one) that can build software for rooms, we can offer you special conditions with free AI for NLH and PLO5 for a very long distance.
Leave us an application here:

If you suits our requirements we will contact you soon.
Poker Bot pinned «Attention❗️Special offer with FREE NLH and PLO5 AI for you! If you want to grow your bot-company or expand to new rooms and want to have exclusive access - this offer is for you. If you have an experience in bot business, have developers (or at least ready…»
使用Pokerbot AI打败你的对手,通过玩扑克来赚钱

我们的团队将为你提供支持HH poker 和 PokerTime 房间玩的机器人,平均胜率 4-6$/100 手,并为机器的主人带来稳定的利润


Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

The investment and cryptocurrency market is unstable now, so experienced investors advise to invest in different sectors to get a guaranteed income.

The payback period of PokerbotAI on average is 1-3 months. In the first few months, you can very quickly reach an income of up to $3,000 per month.

The lowest winning percentage per 100 hands is $3.5. We don't hack sites or peek into other people's cards, so sometimes losses happen, but those funds are 100% recovered on subsequent hands. In addition, our private clubs provide excellent rakeback, and we provide a 150% payback guarantee on our product, which we will get you to without any extra costs.

You can find out current prices and ask any question about our product here: @PokerBotSALE
☘️Looking for a profitable investment?☘️

Artificial intelligence, developed by the engineers and programmers of PokerBotAI, is a 🔥pure 100% guaranteed real profit🔥

👉🏻 Stable win rate on one of the most prospective poker rooms - Bovada.
👉🏻 Fully automated system.
👉🏻 Multitabling to maximize winnings.
👉🏻 Reliable software, tested by hundreds of investors.
👉🏻 Perfect decisions, weak opponents and a high level of security.
👉🏻 24/7 support.

‼️The offer is limited! Only 😎the three most nimble ones😎 will get a chance to grab a piece of this pie. Hurry up to leave an application before March 20 to become our partner on Bovada‼️

✅ Write the 🤫secret phrase🤫 «goldbag» in direct ➡️ @PokerBotSALE,
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✅ and start making money!

PokerbotAI 团队为你提供可盈利的自动扑克机器人投资,该机器人使用机器学习技术并带来稳定的收入,能给你投资回收在 1-3 个月内。
我们的机器人会玩在许多流行扑克平台。联系我们以找到适合你的完善的条件 @PokerBotSALE
你想在HH扑克中总是赢吗?与POKER AI一起玩

POKER AI是一个机器人可以轻松控制它通过手机或电脑,并让你赚6-8$ 为100手。
高级扑克软件和一流的咨询只在这里 @PokerBotSALE
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Hey guys!
in 15 mins we are gonna be live on stream here and willing to answer for your questions according our product. JOIN!
Stable business on poker AI that tested over time

The POKERBOTAI team develops artificial intelligence software for automated poker play. Our AI works on the base on millions played hands of professionals from all over the world, which allows to adapt to different types of players. It is a profitable investment that pays for itself in 1-2 months and takes you to a high passive income, without your involvement. Our team is ready to provide any proof of profits and demonstrate our AI in action to each client on an individual call!

If you are interested in this way of earning, which suits anyone, write, we will find an individual solution for you - @pokerbotsale

Live demo of our bot - Twitch

Turn on notification to stay informed about current discounts and promotions and ask any questions about the product on live broadcasts!
❗️PLO4 is now released❗️
‼️Pot-limit Omaha - 4 card - is now on PPPoker and Upoker‼️

We are glad to announce that our artificial intelligence has recently become even more flexible in terms of poker game types!🔥

Along with beloved and dynamic no-limit Texas Hold 'em we are ready to launch our software on pot-limit Omaha tables.

➡️ As the name suggests, the amount of chips you can bet at a time is limited to the pot. This does not mean at all that the profit from each hand won will be less. A series of raises and re-raises can still lead to a situation where all the chips are in the middle of the table.

🧩 This feature provides our ecosystem with room for creativity.
A whole lot of strategies are added that boost your win rate! 🧩

➡️ Unlike Hold'em, in Omaha, each player is dealt 4 cards. Combinations can be made using only 2 cards from the hand, as well as 3 community cards.

🧩 As the total number of cards to consider when making a decision increases, the advantage of artificial intelligence over the field increases proportionally.
The more variables, the higher your profit! 🧩

➡️ And juicy cherry on top!
There are practically no bots among Omaha players! Prepare a big fishnet to go to the lake where you are the only fisherman🐠

Join our large friendly community on PPPoker/Upoker and start making money on your favorite game.
See you at the poker tables‼️

You can find out current prices and ask any question about our product here: @PokerBotSALE