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Here we post feedbacks from users who purchased and currently using the Pipcrest FX Pro (Forex) and Pipcrest BB Levels (volatility indices) indicators.
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User feedback 🔥🔥
User feedback 🔥🔥🔥
User feedback 🔥
User feedback 🔥
Forwarded from Pipcrest BB LEVELS and FX Pro Indicators Support 📈
Looks like we have be come so poplar that people are now remaining repainting crappy systems as pipcrest bb levels
Pipcrest bb levels is for volatility but see the scammers renaming as an indicator for forex lol
If it is not from me @holyoysters or our website at www.pipcrest.com it is a scam


Avoid being scammed o
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Hi Holy, These are my trades from yesterday.

Thanks for the awesome indicator
User feedback 🔥
User feedback 🔥🔥