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Hey all, our payment processor is currently experiencing issues. If you placed an order and it failed, please try again later today or tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience.
All orders placed August 12-15th shipped today morning following a long weekend & national holiday.
Thank you for your patience.

Suggestion regarding parcel tracking: use or similar. The tracking offered on Poczta Polska's website is, frankly speaking, not very good.
Hi all, a small heads-up that PineTimes are running out. If you want one, and don't want to wait later for restock, then consider picking one up now.
Hi all! The Pinecil V2 and the Pinecil V2 + PinePower bundles are now available. Now also in stock, PinePhone Pro and Pinebook Pro.
Hey all, the remaining few units of the Pinecil, PinePower and accessories will be up for grabs today after 22:00 CEST. Once these sell out, we'll need to wait for the next batch to be delivered - likely first next month.
Hi everyone.
We're running behind shipping of certain items (particularly PPP and PP as those need to be flashed) and support / info email queries.
This is because of the current order volume.

*Most orders will ship by Wednesday evening.
*Please allow until Friday to get back to your emails (hopefully sooner).

Thank you for your patience.
Hello everyone, two notifications:
1) The store will be going down for maintenance today at 19:00 CEST (back online tomorrow)
2) More stock is on the way and should be available by or on October 2nd
Hi all, hardware will be in tomorrow and sale will start on Saturday (Oct 1st). Please note, sale of the PInecil and Pinecil + PinePower bundles will be limited to 1 per order. Other hardware restocked includes the Pinebook Pro, the PInePhone Pro, the PineTime and PinePower.
Restock! most hardware is now back in stock. The Pinecil V2 batch has been broken up into smaller batches so that more people get a change to pick one up over the course of the month. 1 Pinecil per order.
To make it more fair for those looking to pick up a Pinecil V2 the batch was split into 5 parts.

Here are dates when the remaining stock will be added to the store this month:
* 04/10
* 09/10
* 14/10
* 19/10
We're a bit behind on support and info queries but we'll strive to respond to all emails by the end of the week. Thank you for your understanding.
Hello all, we've got Pinebook Pro and PineTime in stock. Also, a quick reminder: next Pinecil batches are scheduled for October 14 and October 19. Pinecil stock will be added in the afternoon.
A full restock next week! (awaiting to clear customs which takes approx. 7 days).

Restock includes the Pinebook Pro, PinePhone Pro, PinePhone, Pinecil V2, PinePower desktop, PineTime and accessories.

More information soon.
Hello everyone. Sorry for taking so long to restock (caused by a change to how customs verify LED and RED certificates of conformity declarations). Back in stock: PineTime, Pinecil V2, Pinebook Pro, PinePhone and PinePhone Pro as well as some select accessories and bundles
Shipping is on schedule - most orders are out of the door already. Shipping numbers will follow tonight.

We're behind on info / support queries - most should receive an answer by Friday. Apologies for the delay.
Pinecil restock❗️
Once sold out next restock on Nov 24th
More Pinecil V2 just landed :)

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