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The Phalcon 2019 April Bugfest has produced so far a good number of pull requests!! Come join us to fix all these "features" and win cool prizes!

Thank you all for the contributions.

#phalcon #phalcon4 #competition #bugfest
Zephir Parser v1.3.0 released 🎉

- Added support for "use" keyword in closures
- Fixed unicode support in the source code
- Fixed memory leaks on processing errors

#zephir #parser #zephir-parser
Work in PSR-16 is moving along nicely! We have only the Mvc\View component to refactor and it will be ready! Getting closer to v4-beta1

#phalcon #phalcon4 #psr-16
We would like to wish Happy Mother's Day (for this weekend) to all of our friends, contributors, collaborators, users and fans.

#phalcon #mothersday
v4 Update: New version coming up this weekend (alpha 5). We are getting very close to the finish line. 14 cards left, 12 in progress and 390 done for this version

#phalcon4 #phalcon