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Zap has been supercharged ⚡️!

Holding wETH? USDT? wBTC? Zap into Pendle with a single token on Avalanche. Major tokens can be zapped to a staked LP position on Pendle with just 1 step.

Yield farming on Pendle, simplified.
Join our AMA in ~24 hours!

📅: Thu, Feb 10th GMT 03:00 (Wed, Feb 9th EST 22:00)
📝: AMA, What's happening behind the scenes
🏟: Pendle Discord <https://t.co/kiCSS8uFEJ>
wxBTRFLY pools are now live. Mint, stake, and trade wxBTRFLY yield over at https://app.pendle.finance/market
Pendle’s PP.

In the coming age we’re entering, we believe it is more important than ever for an individual to have the freedom to choose and not rely on others to grant them such permissions.

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Team Pendle.
It’s been an eventful start to the year, and a lot has happened. For one, we launched wxBTRFLY and hit $600K TVL for the asset in short order!

Read on for the full recap for the month of February:

You’ve had a glimpses into:

Pendle V2 AMM: https://twitter.com/pendle_fi/status/1595765065478643712

Project Permissionless: https://twitter.com/pendle_fi/status/1596490112115712001

2 down, 1 to go.

Now it’s time to bring it home.

Coming to you soon - https://twitter.com/pendle_fi/status/1597198624475127809?t=ihfy35mPZyuAFbEkPHgeHw&s=19
It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for… Pendle V2 is now officially LIVE!

New and improved AMM design. Project Permissionless. vePENDLE.

All of these come together to form Pendle V2, the very tool you need to have yield at your fingertips.

Pendies, the Pendulum has arisen.

Learn more about Pendle V2 (and how you can buy assets at a discount) in the Tweet and Medium article below!

Medium: https://medium.com/pendle/pendle-v2-launch-part-3-3-updated-tokenomics-b6c6501b8286
Tweet: https://twitter.com/pendle_fi/status/1597567793268133890
Great news, Pendies! The Aura rETH-WETH pool is now live on Pendle.

And with this, we kickstart The Pendle ETH Maxi Arc, alongside our partners Aura Finance, Rocket Pool, Balancer, with more to come...

As you all know, LSDs are the hottest talk of crypto town, and Pendle will help funnel more utility, opportunities and value for them.

See how you can do more with your LSDs in the Tweet thread linked below!
Pendies, you asked, so we delivered. Pendle is going L2, and $PENDLE is now LIVE on Arbitrum One 💙🧡

As one of Arbitrum’s own, we’ll first make our way to the Kingdom of Camelot. The PENDLE/ETH pool is already available on CamelotDEX, and incentives will go live tomorrow at 5pm UTC, 14th Feb🌹

You can expect more adventures from us soon! This right here, is just the beginning…

For more information, check out our Tweet below and help spread the love:-