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I did some experiments with ChatGPT and... man... this really changes my way of programming starting from today.
I'm learning a very nice alternative to React/Next.js and creating a tutorial about that: SvelteKit. Really ... It's impressive. On some days I'll produce a video playlist with my own tutorial about it.
I finally update my sitemap:
What does this mean? You can now use hashtags in the link to know which content I produced about what you want to know. For an example, try these links:
New video published on LinkedIn and also on my YouTube channel (please, subscribe to it):
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Oi pessoal! 🙂 Passando aqui para compartilhar um pouquinho do conteúdo de um ebook que estou criando. Sugestões são sempre bem-vindas! Obrigado!
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In this video, aimed at those who are improving in programming with my tips, I present the solution to the following problems:

1) What is the index of the first number of the Fibonacci series (0 1 1 2 3 5 8 ...) with 55 digits?
2) How many Fibonacci numbers have between 55 and 89 digits?
3) What is the fastest implementation in Bash that could generate a list with the first 1000 numbers of the Fibonacci series?