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"Public Health" has been and is being used for out and out tyrnany against Americans. We all know this.
CDC, a criminal organization, is now talking vaccine passports, The Biden Adminisration wants to sell Delta nonesense and more masking, and Fauci is talking masking for all kids in school this fall.
Critical thinkers like you who hang here know it's all lies, lies and more lies. They want to control us pure and simiple. They are control freaks and psychopaths and care not what happens to you, your job, your family or "the economy."
They just don't care.
So, we are getting beyond saying "No" and will have to move to "F*&K You." And when enough of us say this and mean it, they will leave us alone.
There is no Delta Variant, because there's no Alpha Variant, AKA "COVID 19" It's all made up, a fairy tale.
Hello....trying to figure how to help you all get to my other Telegram channel, it will be more fun as on this one you can post cool stuff, and also chat it up with Patrick and, if you would like to get on Patrick Timpone/One Radio network Chat.. here you go
We are now totally engaged on our telegram chat give you an opportunity to post things and chat it up with like minded come on over and have some fun
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