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Groyperstan: Internet Culture and Offline Politics

Recently, I've seen people express concern about groyper culture playing an increasingly central role in the America First movement. The motivations of those voicing such concerns vary; some want our endeavor to succeed, whereas others want it to fail. Regardless, this raises a broader question: To what extent, if any, should internet culture define an offline political movement?

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Henderson County Public Library

(Henderson, KY)
This look will be legally mandated once we win.
Antifa terrorists last night engaged in a coordinated series of vandalism attacks, targeting law-abiding individuals involved in the ongoing Bloomington farmers market drama. Windows were smashed, mailboxes were tampered with, nails were scattered about driveways, and fake blood was splattered. All of this stems from the Left's inability to accept that people with non-violent, identitarian views have the right to participate in a farmers market. By now, it's obvious that those who have sounded the alarm about Sarah Dye are a fringe group of lowbrow criminals—and thus do not represent the good, honest people of Bloomington.
This wasn't particularly wise—a bunch of antifa were raided by the FBI a few months back in relation to their farmers market antics. Law enforcement is clearly paying close attention to IN antifa. Let's hope the perpetrators of these acts of vandalism are brought to justice.
AIM President Patrick Casey was interviewed this afternoon by TF1, the largest French media company—one of the largest in Europe overall as well. Subjects discussed included immigration, identity, and the future of America. The interview will air in French, but we will post our own recording thereof later this week.