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You best get to fleeing… while you can.
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Another week of spraying! you notice around here on the weekends skies are clear and then they start during the week. It’s the same humidity same environment. Nothing has changed and you have the chemtrails. These are not contrails. People need to wake up. You’re being sprayed like bugs.
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Destroying Our Connection to God with Gene Editing Injections
The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database was analyzed to ascertain the onset interval of SIDS (sudden infant death) post-vaccination. A review of the medical literature substantiates a link between vaccines and sudden unexplained infant deaths

Of 2605 infant deaths reported to VAERS from 1990 through 2019:
- 58 % clustered within 3 days post-vaccination and
- 78.3 % occurred within 7 days post-vaccination

Confirming that infant deaths tend to occur in temporal proximity to vaccine administration. The excess of deaths during these early post-vaccination periods was statistically significant (p < 0.00001).
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CATASTROPHIC - Tornado went right through downtown Greenfield, Iowa.

Drone flight from one end of town to the other shows catastrophic destruction. Please find an appropriate way to donate to the town.