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Good morning friends.
I was admitted to a hospital yesterday for evaluation of a potentially dangerous cardiac arrhythmia. This morning, I will be undergoing a heart catheterization and other diagnostic tests. I would greatly appreciate your prayers.
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1st look at our new commerical! We will be doing a fun contest tonight on Rugpull Radio! Be sure to tune in to Badlands Media 10:30 EST on Rumble!

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It's almost that time! With the release of the HASHFORCE commercial and CONTEST announcement, I simply cannot wait to post this any longer.

Join us tonight on Rugpull Radio where we will dive into the next piece of USSF Major Jason Lowery's "Softwar" book and discuss "A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace" by John Perry Barlow, a player referenced frequently in the early Q drops. We PUMP IT UP at 10:25 PM Eastern!
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JUST IN - Treasury Secretary Yellen convenes U.S. financial regulators for an unscheduled meeting — Bloomberg

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Stormy is another one of Trump's Matador's Cloak tricks. His enemies, especially in the media, cannot resist charging at her. Porn, Sex, Cover-up, Hush Payments, Crooked Lawyers... as the media covers this hoax scandal THEY ARE AT THE SAME TIME informing their readers/veiwers of how such scandals/cover-ups work and turning them all against such things.

Hello Bill Clinton, and a number of other politicians who have engaged in the same, and worse, behaviour and who the media previously defended.

Like a Reverse Overton Window, Trump has undone much of the programming that media uploaded to the simulation in the wake of Clinton's Sex Scandals.

Explainer: Trump and The Matador's Cloak & Sword
Just an fyi that the picture of Fetterman circulating is from may of 2022. If you’re using that as your basis to believe he has been cloned then I have a bridge to sell you.

Tineye proof:

Twitter proof:
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We’ve been talking about this on the DPH for a long time now.

“when this started a year ago, all the talk was the sanctions are going to cripple Russia. They’re going to be just out of business and riots in the street absolutely hasn’t worked …[w]ere they the wrong sanctions? Were they not applied well? Did we underestimate the Russian capacity to circumvent them? Why have the sanctions regime not played a bigger part in this conflict?”
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Media is too big
Kash Patel explains the impact of China playing the role of peacemaker between Saudi Arabia-Iran & Russia-Ukraine:

“Just think about the messaging and the propaganda that the CCP gains from this. They are going out to the world and saying ‘we’re asking for peace’… they are getting the narrative out there that China, the CCP, is the peace negotiators of the modern day, not the United States of America.”

Do you see where this going? Maybe President Trump steps in and makes America the peacemaker on the global stage?

Make America Great Again 🇺🇸
@PeteStrzok vs @PeterStrzok.

He isn’t suspend as being reported.
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“We got crazy people like Schiff - Shifty Schiff - and Hillary and all of these people…

All they want to do is investigate everybody but they are the ones that are really under investigation.”

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