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As we celebrate Eid Al-Fitr, let us remember the true meaning of this joyous occasion: to give thanks for our blessings and to spread love and kindness to those around us.

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April is finally come to an end! What was your highlight for the month?
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Happy workers day!
While you take the day off to rest, we say thank you for all your hard work that keeps the world going forward.

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Happy new week!
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Have you ever scanned a QR code like in the image above to make/accept payment? Please lets know in the comment section, also include your experience too and help answer the questions below 👇🏾
Would you be willing to accept/use scan a Qr code to make/receive payment as a
means of payment?
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Do you think Scanning a Qr code is an easier way of payment than transfers/bank cards?
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Tell us why you might not be open to scanning QR Code for payment? 👇🏾
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