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Your week isn’t complete if you haven’t had a dose of PalmPay!

Everyday, there’s something exciting to come back to. PalmPay is the surest way to pay bills!

Make everyday a #PalmPay day 😉
Jolly season ended last week and some of our winners took the comment section to tell us how much they won.

Congratulations to you all 🎊🍾

Keep using #PalmPay all day, everyday 😉
#PalmPay is giving you 3 reasons everyday to transfer money to your loved ones everyday - IT’S FOR FREE!!

Zero charges to both banks and MMO’s😱🤯

Oya, who are you sending money to today?
Here’s why you shouldn’t let a frog write a cheque! It’ll bounce!!😂🤣🤣🤣

What’s your plan for the weekend?

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Of all the shows on cable, which is your favorite?

Are you catching up with the Big Brother Titans?

Pay your TV bills from your #PalmPay app and get a 10% cash back!
Enjoy the rest of your week 😉
PalmPay has given you reasons to track your finances through the Annual Review Feature!

Wipe to see why you should use this feature.
The last reason is mind blowing 🤯

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Tell your friend about us, get them to signup and transact and get to earn N2,000🤯

It’s a good day to spread the word and earn some cash on the side 😉

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Have you made any transfers today?
Didn’t you just enjoy the experience?

Make everyday a #PalmPay day!
To top up airtime dey sweet us!
Because with #PalmPay we get cash-back when we purchase airtime 💃🏾🤸🏾‍♂️🤯

Oya, make that airtime recharge now!
Giving you back to back discounts and cash backs! 🤯🥳

Who reach? 😎
Who deeeey??!!!🤸🏾‍♂️💃🏾

Comment “I love PalmPay” if PalmPay helps you save on bill payments 👇🏾

Make withdrawals and deposits easy with PalmPay QR Card.

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To do rewards no dey taya PalmPay🙌🏾

Make free transfers all day, everyday with #PalmPay
The long and dreaded January is coming to an end in a few days!
How did you survive? What’s your score?

Use #PalmPay for your bill payments. E get why 😉
1 million naira on just one thing. What would it be?

Tag your friends to respond, let’s see who has the most hilarious response.