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Msgr. Pierino Galeone, Founder of the Secular Institute Servants of Suffering

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How beautiful it is to do the will of God in prayer and in suffering.

Fr. Pierino Galeone

Be firm in the faith so as always to believe in the Word of God and the Church.

Fr. Pierino Galeone

How sweet it is to praise St Cyril and St. John Bosco: the first is in particular a medical doctor and the second is a father of youth.

Fr. Pierino Galeone

We cannot be true consecrated men and women without putting the Word of God into practice.

Fr. Pierino Galeone

Never forget that Sunday is a great feast day for Jesus’ resurrection and ours as well.

Fr. Pierino Galeone

Faith gives you the strength to say those things that most convince Jesus to do that which you ask of Him.

Fr. Pierino Galeone

Let us wish every good thing to the new Bishop of the Diocese of Altamura Gravina and Acquaviva delle Fonti. Let us accompany his episcopal ministry with our prayer.

Fr. Pierino Galeone

Our Lady of Lourdes not only helps the sick but also the healthy, so that all may be enveloped in the mantle of gratitude.

Fr. Pierino Galeone

Our Blessed Mother always covers with the mantle of mercy all those who turn to her in order to be liberated from their pains.

Fr. Pierino Galeone

Just as you can’t live without your mother, so too you can’t live without our Lady, who is our mother.

Fr. Pierino Galeone

Prayer and fasting are the practices of the lenten way.

Fr. Pierino Galeone

Lenten works: prayer, almsgiving and fasting, along with listening to and putting into practice the Word of God, are essential and inseparable for undertaking a true path with Jesus towards Easter.

Fr. Pierino Galeone

The Lord embraces a sincere, repentant humble heart and gives it the gift of forgiveness.

Fr. Pierino Galeone

The great lenten task is your conversion.

Fr. Pierino Galeone

The Hearts of Jesus and Mary await your conversion.

Fr. Pierino Galeone

Jesus judges what we do to our neighbor as though it were done to him, either for eternal reward or eternal punishment.

Fr. Pierino Galeone

First you must forgive then the Lord will certainly forgive you.

Fr. Pierino Galeone

The Lord is merciful to those who do penance and just to those who don’t convert.

Fr. Pierino Galeone

Jesus is the Son of God. The awareness of Jesus, revealed by the Heavenly Father, obliges you to love Jesus always more and to serve Him by observing His precepts.

Fr. Pierino Galeone

The love of God is clear, simple and definitive: it saves the evil person who converts and condemns the just person who returns to sin.

Fr. Pierino Galeone