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Msgr. Pierino Galeone, Founder of the Secular Institute Servants of Suffering

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Jesus, giving back mankind to God as Father and as his brethren, reconstitutes in fact the great family of God, and, together, the family of man.

Fr. Pierino Galeone

The war continues to bring death and destruction. The heroism of one part to resist and of the other side to achieve the purpose of the invasion unfortunately make peace difficult. Prayer alone is not enough, it must be accompanied by constant penance so that the Lord intervene: He alone can lead men to seek peace.

Fr. Pierino Galeone

Peace is very far from the war. On the part of the invader there is the will to continue the war, on behalf of theUkrainian people pray to the Lord so that everyone gives up their arms. The dead are numerous and the cry out in silence: when will peace come?

Fr. Pierino Galeone

The desire for peace and the resolution no longer to desire war can only be realized by Divine intervention. Let us never cease praying so that this happen as soon as possible.

Fr. Pierino Galeone

The Lord has chosen you, a sinner, to give glory to His Son Jesus.

Fr. Pierino Galeone

Are you praying in order to live Lent? Are you doing penance for the poor? Are you forgiving your neighbor in order that you maybe forgiven? Live Lent well with Jesus and with your neighbor: with Jesus to have gifts by means of prayer and with neighbor to whom you must give the gifts received through charity.

Fr. Pierino Galeone

Usually doubt is the most frequent and effective means that satan uses to weaken your will and your resolve to love the Lord and your brothers. Your strong faith, based on the rock of the Word of God, will always lead you to victory.

Fr. Pierino Galeone

God sees and listens to the heart of one who prays. If the war continues, so too must prayer: only Divine intervention opens hearts to the hope of peace.

Fr. Pierino Galeone

We must pray and suffer, doing each day the will of God to lead the Lord to open the door on the conversion of so many of His children.

Fr. Pierino Galeone

The renunciation of self is the witness of a disciple of Christ, of a consecrated person and of a soul that seeks perfection.

Fr. Pierino Galeone

Only those who renounce their egos can carry their daily cross to become disciples of Christ. You renounce your self because it goes against God as it suggests all that is contrary to that which God has commanded.

Fr. Pierino Galeone

It’s evident that if the self suggests something that is contrary to God, it is the world, satan and the corruption of sin which speaks. These voices deceive, as though they are coming from yourself. Instead they come from the evil one. For this reason the Lord clearly says that if you don’t renounce the voices of your ego, which are contrary to God, you cannot be his disciples.

Fr. Pierino Galeone

Amongst all the voices of the self you choose the one you share the most. Those who don’t wish to convert always choose the justification of satan. For those who begin to desire to change, he always presents the difficulty of the suffering that comes removing evil and doing good. Love for Jesus must be real, so as to ask help from the Lord in confronting all of the difficulties that impede a resolute will to choose the good.

Fr. Pierino Galeone

The Bishop is a successor of the Apostles, for this reason he has the divine mandate to shepherd the flock of the Lord. Let us give thanks to God for the gift of every Bishop on earth, father, teacher and shepherd.

Fr. Pierino Galeone

Priests collaborate with the Bishop in all things pastoral. Faith, which is turned on by means of the Word of God, and the sacraments, efficacious signs of grace, are the means of salvation which priests, by means of their ministry administer them to the people of God.

Fr. Pierino Galeone

As the sun testifies to the day, so too does joy give witness to the presence of Jesus in your heart.

Fr. Pierino Galeone

Prayer is like the sun: it illuminates everything gives heat and life to every living being. Without the sun we can’t live; without prayer we absolutely cannot be with Christ.

Fr. Pierino Galeone

The sun illuminates the day, the moon lights up the night. In this way prayer illuminates the steps of those who, by the light of the sun or the reflection of the moon walk always with the certainty of reaching the goal.

Fr. Pierino Galeone

The heavenly Father says: “Be holy, for I, the Lord your God, am holy” (Lv 19:2). God the Father generated the Son, the Holy one of God. He, the Word of God, giving us his Word to observe, generates all mankind for holiness.

Fr. Pierino Galeone

In conversion you must have the full knowledge that the way you are struggling against is not of Jesus as well as the awareness that the good path is Jesus.

Fr. Pierino Galeone