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His Beatitude Metropolitan Tikhon and the delegation from the Orthodox Church in America visited Constantinople from June 7 to June 10, 2024. During their time in Constantinople and at the Phanar, the delegation met with hierarchs and members of the Patriarchal Court. Their discussions covered various topics, including their recent trips to Ukraine and Romania, as well as matters related to Orthodoxy in North America.

The delegation was warmly received by the Patriarchate and invited to luncheons on both June 8 and 9. On June 8, they had lunch with His Eminence Metropolitan Emmanuel of Chalcedon, His Eminence Metropolitan Stephanos of Tallinn and all Estonia, and the other hierarchs of the Patriarchate. ...

Read more here: https://www.oca.org/news/headline-news/his-beatitude-metropolitan-tikhon-leads-delegation-of-the-orthodox-church-in-america-to-constantinople
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