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New version of WPS Office now available for Linux -->
Linux 5.2 released, this is what's new -->
Merge proposal to 'drop Snap support' from GNOME Software hints at deeper divisions -->
On the subject of Snaps, Microsoft seems to have abandoned the Skype Snap app -->
You can now install the Foliate ePub reader on Ubuntu without using Flatpak -->
Fedora plans to 'disable' the Snap plugin in GNOME Software -->
Ubuntu Brings the Latest Nvidia Graphics Drivers to LTS Users -->
Ubuntu 18.10 Hits End of Life next week -->
GNOME's Weather app is getting a revamp -->
Foliate, the open-source ebook reader for Linux, now supports Amazon Kindle files -->
A new version of SoftMaker Office 2018 (a Microsoft Office clone) is out -->
Pitivi video editor gets some love as part of Google Summer of Code 2019 -->
Ubuntu 19.10 will offer a flicker-free boot (for some users) -->
Linux Mint 19.2 Beta is now available to download -->
KDE Connect is coming to macOS -->
Use Ubuntu on WSL? You'll love this neat new meta-package -->
Mirror & Control Your Android Phone on the Ubuntu Desktop with Scrcpy -->
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Ubuntu MATE 19.10 Alpha 1 is available for testing the GPD MicroPC -->
Want the latest Spotify for Linux release? Don't rely on the Snap app :( -->
KDE Connect is Coming to Windows 10 -->