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Natività - Piero della Francesca
Buon Natale
Pare che nel 2022 verranno gli alieni o forse addirittura prima l’anticristo e poi Jesus in persona. Chissà.
Io vi voglio bene pure se non succede niente, che poi sarebbe la cosa migliore.
Buon anno nuovo a tutti!
da vedere, un chiarissimo Joseph Tritto
Dopo Malone, anche un ricercatore Italo svizzero, dopo aver postato un thread molto chiaro su cosa è davvero omicron, è stato immediatamente seccato su twitter e altrove.
Qui il thread che gli è costato la censura:

Insomma omicron non è una variante, ma un altro prodotto di laboratorio, tipo covid (sempre di lab) ma leggermente diverso. Non si capisce se fatto circolare volutamente o scappato, ma certamente di origine artificiale.
Siamo in mezzo a una guerra batteriologica. Vaccinati o no non ne siamo protetti affatto. L’unica cosa che possiamo fare è usare buon senso e cercare di tenere al massimo il nostro immunitario innato.
Speriamo in un pizzico di 🍀 e che sti figli di puttana che giocano a fare dio finiscano presto impiccati per genocidio.
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What are the limitations and failure points of such a widely used, and often abused, tool as ChatGPT?
I first asked ChatGPT itself which, slavishly, drew up a decalogue of its shortcomings, which are then the shortcomings that human beings have listed in the texts used for its training.
First the ChatGTP cons' decalogue, then a single point why I think this tool is, in some cases, a considerable step backwards for human development.

1. Lack of Real Understanding: ChatGPT doesn't truly understand the context or have genuine comprehension. It generates responses based on patterns learned during training but doesn't have a deep understanding of concepts.
2. Contextual Limitations: The model might not maintain context well in longer conversations, leading to responses that might be contextually inappropriate or nonsensical.
3. Sensitivity to Input Wording: Small changes in input phrasing can lead to different responses, indicating sensitivity to how questions are framed. This can be a limitation in terms of providing consistent and accurate information.
4. Bias: Like many machine learning models, ChatGPT can exhibit biases present in the training data. It may inadvertently generate biased or inappropriate responses.
5. Lack of Creativity and Critical Thinking: While it can generate creative responses, ChatGPT lacks true creativity and critical thinking skills. It doesn't possess the ability to understand complex abstract concepts or solve problems in innovative ways.
6. Inability to Provide Real-Time Information: The model's responses are based on pre-existing knowledge up to its last training cut-off. It doesn't have the ability to provide real-time information or updates beyond its training data.
7. Tendency to Make Things Up: If the model encounters a question or topic outside its training data, it may generate responses that are inaccurate or speculative.
8. Dependency on Training Data Quality: The quality of the responses heavily relies on the quality and diversity of the training data. Biases present in the data or gaps in knowledge may affect the model's performance.
9. Difficulty in Handling Ambiguity: The model may struggle with ambiguous queries and might provide vague or overly general responses rather than seeking clarification.
10. Security Concerns: There is potential for malicious use, such as generating misleading information or engaging in harmful behaviors. This raises ethical and security concerns.

I would add a single point to this list; in my opinion the most important of all.
There is no possible emotional connection, no consciousness, no awareness, no continuous and permanent autonomous connection with the real world. We cannot therefore speak of intelligence but only of artifice, mere tedious calculation of questionable quality.
We, humans, must not become lazy with this little toy, but on the contrary strive even harder to go beyond the mechanicalness that this mathematical tool has shown to be possible.