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Forwarded from Street Angels Uk
Hey all, we would really appreciate your help with this current appeal, we have added trainers to our wish list as we promised to help a youth club who has youths playing sports in fit flops and ripped trainers, they can see there are teenagers who are from less fortunate families and others who seem to have more.

We said we would try and help using our contacts and our platform, unfortunately one of our contacts who promised to help has gone if the radar and we are unable to get hold of them.

But we are really keen to try and help.
So we have added the trainers to wish list in various sizes and hope to have a couple of each size to help the children that are in need.

To help us with our mission we have two options one being the wish list and the other being a contribution via PayPal.

We Thank you all in advance

Links can be found below
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The sea level hasn't changed here my entire life...! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Forwarded from Street Angels Uk
Hello all, We are helping a lady and baby who fled dv, we purchased a buggy and are trying to help her with a high chair, we have found this one for £68.95 and are hoping that together with a small donation we can place this order for her too.
Any help will be truly appreciated 🙏