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"Upwork took $100 out of my $500 freelance gig"

Freelancing platform on the Blockchain is desperately needed!

Blocklancer is here to help! Signup for closed Beta here:
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Dev Diary #19 - Mobile App Testing

We just released a new Dev Diary.

Blocklancer is now available in the Google Play Store.

Read full story here:
🗣️The buying mechanism is now activated in the #MainNet for all Beta-Testers! Happy buying 😀
Do you know that most accounts can be easily hacked by using huge password lists that are available online? Blocklancer implements 2FA so that hacks become nearly impossible!

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Blocklancer is honored to be mentioned in academic literature. 😍 Thanks to Julie Hodges of Durham University for mentioning Blocklancer in her new book "Employee Engagement for Organizational Change: The Theory and Practice of Stakeholder Engagement".

Link to book: