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How To Make A DIY PVC Self-Feeding Chicken Feeder:

Building this "self-feeding" chicken feeder is a simple DIY project that can be done in a few hours and doesn't require a great deal of skill or any special tools! 🙂
How To Make Long-Lasting Breads You Can Stockpile For YEARS And YEARS ❤️

Now these are REAL survival foods. 🙂 Awesome tutorial on survival breads that have been around since the ancient days.
10 Awesome Vinegar Life Hacks You Should Know:

Must-see vinegar life hacks! Please share. 🙂
Survival Seeds - Why You Need Them (and which ones to get first)

Judging by current events I would say get this handled asap...
Survival Fish Trap: Weaving & Catching Fish On Camera (amazing video tutorial)

In a survival setup where you don’t have access to tools, hooks, or a knife, learning how to build a fish basket trap is an indispensable (and potentially lifesaving) skill. It’s like having a 24/7 fishing buddy constantly working to feed you. The only maintenance you need is to occasionally reinforce the structure and re-bait the trap.

If you’re a lone survivor, this gives you the much-needed time to undertake other essential tasks such as gathering firewood, purifying water, and building shelter. And the best part: live food doesn’t go bad.
8 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Garden Weeds: ❤️

Here are eight sure-fire ways to say "Goodbye" to garden weeds for good WITHOUT using toxic, carcinogenic weed killers! 🙂
Best Types Of Fish For Aquaponics: ❤️

Here are 10 of the most popular fish used in aquaponic systems, together with the reasons why people choose them...
Video: How To Set Up A Beehive (learn this!)

Bee populations are in decline and they need help! Bees will also pollinate your flowers, helping your crops and providing honey. ❤️
Building A Simple Cabin From Pallet Wood (Cheap Off Grid Homestead): ❤️

Lumber prices have gone crazy but millions of pallets still get discarded every year...
Survival Lessons From The Great Depression (insightful video!) ❤️

The Great Depression is widely regarded as one of the worst economic disasters to ever hit the US. But as they say, tough times lead to tough people. Video at the link.
How To Build A Henhouse Using Mostly Recycled Materials: 🙂

The video at the link gives details on how to build the coop using recycled wood.
31 Things You Can Freeze To Save Time And Money: 🙂

Check out this mega list of things you can freeze - loads of brilliant ideas here! ❤️
How To Build The Perfect Share Garden:

Building your own garden doesn’t have to a daunting undertaking! With the right garden design, tricks, and tips, you can craft a stunning organic sanctuary in your outdoor space within a short period. 🙂
5 Survival Knots Every Survivalist Should Know (with step by step instructions):

If you master these 5 knots, you'll be able to manage rope and paracord like a pro, in any survival, camping or other situation!
Eating in Winter – Growing Our Food And Seasonal Eating From The Root Cellar (interesting video!)

A root cellar is basically an underground structure or any sheltered location in your property that stays above freezing through winter.

Root cellars are characterized by steady humidity and temperature to keep storage crops in great condition long after harvesting. They provide food security to feed the family with farm-fresh food, they use significantly less energy (electricity, transportation, preservation etc.), reduce food wastage, and help cut down on costs. Seasonal eating from the root cellar during winter months is great for several reasons. 🙂
How To Grow Food For Free In The City 🙂

You live in an urban setting, you’re on a tight budget, and space is limited: How do you overcome all these limiting factors to grow your own food? Watch the video at the link to find out!
7 Natural Remedies For Blisters And Itches:

Good to know! Make a note of these for your home remedy kit. 🙂
How To Prepare Your Car For A Road Trip:

This is a great checklist! Everyone should know how to do this. 🙂
25 Cleaning Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner (genius!) 🙂

So clever! Video at the link.