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Our YEAR’S Worth Of FOOD – Root Cellar Tour (Full & Complete!) ❤️

In the video, Shaye Elliot gives viewers a walk-through of her full root cellar. It’s packed with a truckload of food items, which she claims are enough to sustain her family of 6 (4 children) for an entire year! Check out the video for the full tour and some useful tips to store foods from your garden through winter. 🙂
25 Items Every Prepper Should Stockpile / Hoard:

How's your long term storage coming along? 🙂
Winter Bushcraft Shelter Build - Overnight Camping, Raised Bed, Natural Shelter, Fire Reflector ❤️

we see a man choose a spot in the cold forest to set up his camp. Using a home-made bow saw, he selects some fallen timbers and cuts the pieces he needs. His saw also doubles up as a measuring device. Using a small axe, he knocks off the small twigs from his poles. [watch video]
The Ultimate Guide To DIY Off Grid Solar Power ❤️

In this video from the ever-brilliant Tin Hat Ranch, we are given a full 47-minute tutorial on practical solar energy systems. This presentation covers all the basics, together with safety notes, some scientific explanations (without getting too deep), links to further information and the equipment used. 🙂
Ways To Conserve Energy Use At Home: 🔥

Valuable tips for saving energy and keeping your money in your pocket! Definitely do these now.
17 Great Ways To Utilize 2-Liter Soda Bottles For Survival (ingenious ideas!)

These have an amazing number of uses - and there's no shortage of them. Follow the link to learn more 🙂
How To Make Pemmican: The Ultimate Survival Super-Food 🙂

Ever tried this? Invented by Native Americans, it's a highly nutritious superfood which could potentially be viable for years or even decades if made well. Learn more at the link! ❤️
How To Build A 400sqft Solar Powered Off Grid Cabin For 2k ☀️🏠

Think about this for one minute...: You could set aside 25 years to be a slave to the bank to pay for your house... or... you could do this.
You have to admit, it's seriously tempting isn't it? ;) This is pure inspiration ❤️
Tips On How To Fortify And Prep Your Home Or Apartment:

Vital home security info! ❤️
Amazing No-Dig Gardening Tutorial With Charles Dowding ❤️

Here we have a video tutorial from the legendary organic veg grower Charles Dowding. No-dig gardening has some interesting benefits over "ordinary" gardening. Charles uses a compost mulch - which feeds the soil, keeps it moist and suppresses weeds. It also means much less work as the time-consuming digging is eliminated.
Fishing For Survival:

There are plenty of survival scenarios that could force you to resort to fishing for survival! 🙂 Watch this tutorial to learn more about survival fishing.
8 Insanely Fast Vegetables You Can Harvest In One Month:

Super useful to know! 🙂 In a survival scenario you might not have 4 months to wait for a crop. Or maybe you moved onto the property half way through the summer. These will help!
19 Common Edible Wild Plants ❤️

We discovered a great guide that provides clear photos for identifying edible wild plants, with tips on what to avoid and a lot of useful information about each plant featured! 🙂
Stunning Black Off-Grid Cabin By The River ❤️

In this video we are treated to a guided tour of a spectacular "high end" homebuilt off-grid cabin in a stunning riverside location in New Zealand. The property is truly off grid - generating solar power and harvesting their own rainwater. [watch]
Your Ultimate Guide For Fabric Stain Removal (In One Simple Chart): ❤️

Printable full-length chart (free) at the link - tons more tips! 🙂
Companion Planting Guide (these plants help each other when grown side by side!) ❤️

Useful info! Follow the link for the full (super tall) graphic to pin / share / print out!
There are new home security risks nowadays that never used to exist – and you need to know about them because you might have no idea that an attack on your home is being planned.


I’ve created what is probably the ultimate guide to how to protect your home against home invasions, burglaries and other malicious attacks on your property.

Follow the link to take a look at my 25 layers of home defense and learn more! ❤️
How To Build A Greenhouse For $50 🙂

Here's how to put together a low-tech, low cost greenhouse. A simple and effective way to lengthen the growing season! 🌿
How To Survive A Wildfire:

Important info! Please share. ❤️