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The Oasis Protocol is a privacy-first, high-performance cloud computing platform on blockchain. Oasis’s integrated hardware-software technologies aim to enable cloud-scale, real-world applications.
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Oasis Protocol Foundation changed group name to «Oasis Protocol Foundation»
In the past year, we’ve taken the first steps towards creating a better internet that puts users back in control of their data. We’re doing this by building and contributing to a decentralized and permissionless, scalable, blockchain platform that puts privacy first. The community supporting the Oasis Network has grown, we’ve added tools and applications to make development on the Oasis Protocol easier, started to build out the foundation of the core technology first conceived in our whitepapers, and launched a testnet, the Oasis Devnet, that allows developers to build and deploy their applications now.

In the next few months we’ll work with the community to further this vision. And we’ll need all of you — our community — to help improve, grow, and ultimately run the Oasis Network.

Please continue reading on our Medium post, for our Key Platform Roadmap Milestones.
As part of our roadmap to decentralization, the Oasis Network hit another big milestone - we're open sourcing much of the platform code for the protocol.

Read more about it here https://medium.com/oasis-protocol-project/open-sourcing-the-core-code-of-the-oasis-protocol-286d06004b21 and check out our Github repos here https://github.com/oasislabs/oasis-core and https://github.com/oasislabs/oasis-runtime
We published an exciting video today, explaining the Oasis Network - the problems we're trying to solve, how we're doing it, and the values that underpin why. Check out the video and please share this tweet with your audiences if you feel so inclined. And thanks, as always, to the Oasis community for having our backs as we focus on building and as we march toward Mainnet.

As we build with an eye toward our Mainnet, we're excited to announce two community initiatives that many community members have been asking for.

Today, the Oasis Foundation announced it's now accepting applications to be an Ambassador. Read more here:


And, the Oasis Foundation has also opened a telegram channel allowing for person-to-person chat. To join, go here:


As always, thank you to the Oasis community for your ongoing support.
Just another plug: if you want to become an Oasis Ambassador, please apply here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeL3Tkta07HqIi3q1SCjnaJLQMQUhkVsUe1XGvQzm_d9_U9Sw/viewform
Come meet the Oasis team this week at San Francisco Blockchain Week. Team members will be present throughout the event and also at various events in the evening. Here's a tweet thread showing our scheduled events. We'd love to meet you at any of these https://twitter.com/OasisLabs/status/1189600551249432576?s=20