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#RealTournaments Results

The Leaderboard of September, 30 & October, 1 has been updated and all prizes were already awarded.

πŸ” Top 5 winners of the Real Tournament of October, 1 are below:

ID ROI Prize

πŸ₯‡25302 3.33% $ 210

πŸ₯ˆ13168 1.42% $ 126

πŸ₯‰11354 -0.26% $ 84

πŸ…11777 -0.66% $ 63

πŸ…25663 -0.71% $ 42

πŸ“Œ The full Leaderboard of 10/01 is available here. The results of 09/30 Tournament can be found here.

Join our Real Tournaments today, tomorrow or any other day. Participate and win real money! Share our prize pool of 1900 USDT! βš”οΈ
We're back with our daily #Nomilytics. It's been some time but nothing has changed much, huh? πŸ˜€

πŸ“ˆ The bitcoin price is still $10k-ish inspite of the fact that the market has been flooded with negative news recently. Kucoin hack, Trump catching corona and so on. πŸ˜“

The good thing is if it is not influencing the market that much, this is the bullish sign.

πŸ’‘And speaking of exchange hacks and security, did you know that we store our user's funds on cold wallets that are πŸ’―% safe? Your bitcoins and altcoins are under our surveillance, no worries 😎
πŸ”₯πŸ”₯We have great news! The largest cryptocurrency rating website CoinMarketCap has included Nominex in the list of 100 best crypto exchanges in the world! 🀩

In just a few months, the Nominex exchange with a daily trading volume of $2.2 million moved from the fourth hundred to the 84th place (!), and this is a real breakthrough for a young but ambitious project. Celebrate with with us! πŸŽ‰πŸΎ

The CoinMarketCap rating is independent and takes into account a number of factors, including trading volumes, number of trading pairs, team composition, variety of products and services, trading conditions, and other factors. Therefore, the movement up by more than 200 positions at once indicates the rapid development of the exchange! πŸš€

πŸ”Šβ€œOur goal is to enter the top 5 cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, " said Nominex CEO Pavel Shkitin. - And now we are confidently moving towards this goal. In a few weeks, we have risen from the last positions in the top 100. And in the nearest future, we intend to enter the top 50, and then the top 5”

πŸ“ŠThe Nominex exchange offers its clients more than 48 trading pairs, including the most popular #DeFi tokens, such as LEND, YFI, COMP. In the near future, several more top coins will be listed, and the exchange's DeFi token will be launched. 😏
πŸš€People invented the traditional currencies long ago in order to facilitate the exchange of products and services. The world economy has developed, but the control over the money still belonged to either governments or central banks. 🏦

But times change 😏 The classic financial system was disrupted by decentralized blockchain that does not belong to anyone. This digital democracy has become the basis of new financial instruments, also decentralized.

Governments do not have control over them, which means that if you own such an asset, only you manage it the way you want. This is called DeFi or decentralized finance if you want.

πŸ’₯We begin our series of DeFi popularization posts as it is so important to be aware of these projects now and to follow the news of DeFi. πŸ‘€ By the way, you can already trade DeFi coins on Nominex. We have listed UNI, LEND, COMP and YFI! πŸ‘Œ

πŸ“ŠAre you already familiar with the DeFi coins and their value? Which one are you interested in the most?
πŸ”‰πŸ”Š Maximum attention, our dear NMX holders!

Your time has come. You are about to discover a superpower you didn’t know about!πŸ”₯
We have the most exciting and important announcement to make!

πŸ’₯Our beloved NMX token is being converted to DeFi. This means it will be very soon available for purchase and sale on Nominex and some other exchanges. You'll be able to buy tokens or earn them using stacking or farming. The details will be communicated shortly.

❗️We need to mention as well that starting from today we stop any free giveaways of NMX tokens. The free token distribution is also terminated. This is due to the fact that we want you to make 1000% profits on NMX, while free tokens might negatively influence the price πŸ‘Ž

In case you are not familiar with #DeFi, and the advantages it brings, we'll be sharing more information on this matter in the coming weeks.πŸ‘Œ

πŸ“ŠTell us how happy you are to have so much potential right in your hands. Share your opinion below πŸ‘‡
πŸ”₯ Welcome Bonus payments report.

Nominexians, another Welcome Bonus tranche has been sent, please check your trust accounts.

πŸ›Ž A Friendly reminder: Welcome bonus is valid for 7 days.

Caution! We've updated Welcome Bonus terms on August, 14. If you are planning to join the campaign, kindly read the rules πŸ™Œ

πŸ”ŠFor our Russian speaking fellas out there!

πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“Now you can pass our trading course on the Talexnet platform! The course is compiled by a professional trader based on many years of experience in finance. There is no boring theory or off-topic conversations. Only practice and valuable knowledge. 10 video lessons that will teach you how to trade cryptocurrencies, understand strategies, types of orders and apply them on the crypto exchange. To consolidate the material you have learned in practice, we will teach you how to participate in Nominex tournaments! πŸ’ͺπŸ†

πŸ’¬β€œOne of the tasks of Nominex is to share knowledge and experience with novice traders who are just entering the cryptocurrency market. Therefore, we have created a training course together with Oles Sribny that will help everyone who wants to understand cryptotrading and work out their skills on our platform,” says Nominex CEO Pavel Shkitin.
πŸ”ŠπŸ”ŠDear Nominexians! We have launched the Nominex Ambassador program!

😎 The program is designed for those who want to become part of a large company with huge prospects and develop in this area. If you are charming, sociable, familiar with the blockchain industry and have connections in this area, you might be the one we are looking for! Help your favorite exchange become even better and make money on it. πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°

🀩 We also invite marketing agencies to cooperate and contribute to our common business development, as well as promote the exchange's brand in different countries around the world. We would also be happy to work with the founders of cryptocurrencies and listing agencies. In addition, we have special conditions and bonuses for opinion leaders, crypto experts, reputable bloggers and other representatives of the cryptocurrency world.
πŸ¦„ Let's start our story with the UNI token, the most popular DeFi token out there. It is the token of Uniswap, Ethereum based decentralized exchange, or simply DEX.

🀯 What is this hype around #DeFi and #UNI in particular? UNI has emerged from its first 24-hours of trading as a top-65 ranked crypto by market cap and the price has risen over 300%. Investors can buy UNI tokens from several different exchanges, including Nominex.

πŸ’‘Some more cool features: UNI holders can vote on Uniswap development decisions. They can fund grants, partnerships, liquidity mining pools, and other proposals. Soon, only UNI token holders will make all governance decisions.

πŸ‘ŒUniswap as an exchange offers not only trading cryptocurrencies. Users can also stake their holdings in liquidity pools. There are some limitations, though. Uniswap is not useful for investors who want to spend fiat currency or trade non-Ethereum tokens.

πŸ‘Good news for Nominexians, you can trade UNI here and use stacking too. To be continued… 😏
#RealTournaments Results

Dear Real Traders! The prizes for October 9, 10 and 11 have been sent. All three tournaments were held with no violations πŸ‘Œ

We congratulate 5 TOP winners of the 10/11 Tournament:

ID ROI Prize

πŸ₯‡25060 7.39% $ 210

πŸ₯ˆ5182 7.06% $ 126

πŸ₯‰25364 5.93% $ 84

πŸ…25738 5.19% $ 63

πŸ…25741 4.88% $ 42

πŸ†The full Leaderboard of 10/11 can be found here. The list of 10/10 is here, of 10/09 – here.

Wish to appear on those lists too? Just trade on Nominex exchange with a >500 USDT trading volume, get qualified and get a chance to win a real prize from our overall daily 871.50 USDT pool!πŸ’°
​Nominex fam! We're celebrating 1000 members in our Telegram chat! πŸŽ‰

🍾πŸ₯‚Thank you all for being with us and sharing the entertrading experience

Keep in touch with us on Social Media:
πŸ’΅ Make big bucks on the new stablecoin we've just listed on Nominex! Fastest growing, fully reserved digital dollar USDC is now available!

🀩 From now on you can trade with 9 more pairs against USDC! Check it here

😎 By the way, while trading on Nominex, you can still use NMX tokens to reduce your trading fees by 50%. Take advantage of the low price of only $1.1 and get more tokens while they are not rocketing πŸ˜œπŸš€
#RealTournaments Results

Hey, traders! The real prizes for October 12, 13 and 14 have been sent. All three tournaments were held with no violations πŸ’ͺ

πŸ” Top 5 winners of the Real Tournament of October, 14 are below:

ID ROI Prize

πŸ₯‡24870 4.54% $ 210

πŸ₯ˆ25364 1.84% $ 126

πŸ₯‰15804 1.79% $ 84

πŸ…25284 1.21% $ 63

πŸ…23145 1.09% $ 42

πŸ†The full Leaderboard of 10/14 can be found here. The list of 10/13 is here, of 10/12 – here.

Join our Real Tournaments today, tomorrow or any other day. Participate & win real money! βš”οΈ
πŸ’°Wondering if there are still opportunities to hop on the DeFi train and earn some extra dollar? 😏

As we continue our #DeFi story, let us introduce you the one of the most important tokens in this sector.

Aave with its LEND token is an open source DeFi lending protocol that allows users to lend, borrow and earn interest on crypto assets, all without middlemen πŸ€‘

In July 2020 its price was 1600% higher that the initial one. Isn't it incredible?🀩 Should we also mention that LEND token is available for trading on Nominex? However the protocol is in the process of migrating over to a new AAVE token which also will be listed on our exchange.

πŸ“Š Do you plan to buy LEND considering previous growth?
πŸ”ŠOkay, we have Friday and the news to celebrate together πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

We've made it to the TOP 40 crypto exchanges of the world in just a few months! πŸš€CoinMarketCap rank made us all proud but we don't plan to stop. Plenty of more #DeFi projects, ideas and exciting news are coming.

Join our party and celebrate our success with us! πŸ₯³
πŸ”ŠIncredible news! Nominex is making a huge step towards the realization of educational initiative in trading. We have started cooperating with one of the major educational platforms for traders and investors in the UK - Colmorefx.

πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“Colmore FX provides training in trading in classic markets as forex and stock markets, but thanks to this partnership, the users of the platform will be able to have an online course in crypto trading from Nominex.

All students will have access to the Nominex crypto exchange and will be able to test their practical skills obtained during the studies. Users will be able to take part in demo tournaments and win real money for their trading success.πŸ’°

🌐 You can access the training course here
#RealTournaments Results

The prizes for October 16, 17 and 18 have been sent. Again, no violations detectedπŸ‘Œ

We congratulate TOP-5 winners of the 18/11 Tournament:

ID ROI Prize

πŸ₯‡25298 3.77% $ 210

πŸ₯ˆ12781 3.76% $ 126

πŸ₯‰25302 3.15% $ 84

πŸ…25364 2.95% $ 63

πŸ…5051 2.82% $ 42

πŸ†The full Leaderboard of 11/18 can be found here. The results of 11/17 are here, of 11/16 – here.

More than 100 traders of Nominex participate, trade and win 100 - 1000 USDT each day! you can be among them!
Try now and prove that you are the hero of our Real Arena! πŸ’ͺ
πŸš€ Continuing our #DeFi Saga, we will elaborate more on the Aave project. As you may probably heard, recently we've partnered with Aave, the largest decentralized finance protocol.

πŸ“ˆ As a first step in this successful cooperation we've listed LEND token on Nominex. But as mentioned last week the project transitioned its token to a new one called AAVE.
Good news is AAVE is also already available for trading on Nominex! πŸ€—

πŸ’₯On this occasion, the Integration Lead of Aave, Marc Zeller, shared the company’s plans with us and answered several questions from Nominex.
#Nomilytics is back, you guys! 😜And let's forget about #DeFi for a sec. We just cannot ignore the fact that such an incredible news is going on!πŸ”₯

πŸ’₯ Paypal has announced the support of crypto and immediately the bitcoin price rocketed to $13k! πŸš€ We missed this feeling! Good old bitcoin is back. But is it too early to celebrate? Maybe it’s a sign of a future sell-off? πŸ€”

πŸ“ŠLet's vote on what you'd do next and see what will possibly happen with the bitcoin price:
#RealTournaments Results

Dear Real Traders! The prizes for October 19, 20 and 21 were sent. All three tournaments were held with no violations πŸ‘

5 TOP winners of the 10/21 Tournament are following:

ID ROI Prize

πŸ₯‡24843 10.07% $ 210

πŸ₯ˆ22762 7.60% $ 126

πŸ₯‰22943 6.91% $ 84

πŸ…25284 6.32% $ 63

πŸ…25663 6.24% $ 42

πŸ”₯ The full Leaderboard of 10/21 can be found here. The list of 10/20 is here, of 10/19 – here.

πŸ’°Wish to appear on those lists too? Just trade on Nominex exchange with a >500 USDT trading volume, get qualified and get a chance to win a real prize pool of 871.50 USDT!